BROKEN RECORD: I keep saying how much I love Twinklebear.



“Sookybear, what we have is so wonderful….I hope we don’t fizzle out….do you think we will?”


Pssssst….hey you.
Yeah, you.
Do me a favor….look behind me.
Is my Twin Flame love, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean standing behind me?
Yeah that’s her, the beautiful busty blonde.
Now, and this is important!
Is she holding a rolling pin? She is?
Uh oh…..RUNNING!
Outta my way!

Dammit! Wait till Twinklebear reads this, and learns that I knocked back five bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while writing this! She’s gonna kill me! But hey, you know from my previous writing, that I like to drink my pale ale while I write. It makes the process so much more enjoyable. But as Twinklebear often says to me, “You don’t need an excuse to drink beer!”

I’ll say this about out wonderful chemistry. We love to tease each other. This teasing is one of the cornerstones of our unique humor. I love everything about Twinklebear. I especially love the way her brilliant—particularly brilliant at comic relief—mind works. Ha! What a bad girl! Such a wonderful girl!

It is this brilliant comedic mind that comes out with hilarious sayings, that keep me endlessly fascinated with my wonderful Twinklebear. One of these funny gems that Twinklebear came out the morning after an evening when I had some beer was….


Ha! You may not find that so funny, but that really tickles my funny bone, and feeds joy into my mind.

Think about it. She managed to brilliantly feign anger, and did so in three succinct, separate sentences—with only four words. Talk about economy of language! Brilliant!

I found this so hilarious and such an astute application of a feigned guilt trip (Twinklebear is a master at this), that these three phrases have become a standard joke between us in our humor repertoire, when one of us drinks the night before. For example, I might now say to her….


I’ll tell ya what. This is the sweetest type of nagging, imbued with love and concern. Every time Twinklebear “nags” me like this, it reminds me that we are reincarnated Twin Flames spouses, who lived and loved in past lifetimes together. I love it!

We have many such phrases that manifest themselves in loving teasing and nagging. As Twinklebear would say to me, “This is not nagging..I am merely concerned‘….”—in that clipped, understated British way of hers. Ha! I love her so much. Too much!

Those of you who remember vinyl records, do you recall what happened with a broken record, a record with a scratch on it—when the turntable’s needle (“stylus” to audiophiles) ran over the scratch in the vinyl? What would happen for the uninformed, is that the song went no further. The result would the repetition of whatever played up to the scratch in the record. You might hear in such a case….

“I love you…click
I love you…ckick
I love you…click
I love you…click”

You get the idea. What I’m doing here is drawing an analogy. I never get tried of saying how much I love Twinklebear. I never tire of marveling in these memoirs, at how unbelievably amazing our Twin Flame journey is. Telling you how there are no words to accurately convey how great it is, never gets old. So….I am like a “broken record.” Your eyes as a reader, may glaze over. But to me, our Twin Flames love is ever-refreshing, always new, and is always wonderful!

In answer to Twinklbear’s question that she posed 19 months ago in August of 2016….”I hope we don’t fizzle out….do you think we will”…

No we won’t fizzle out, my love. Nineteen months after you asked me that, and more than two years after we discovered how crazy-in-love we were, the intensity, breadth and depth of our love and commitment, increases as time goes on. You are my Eternal Wife, and I shall love you forever and a day.


Baby, I just scrutinized myself in the mirror. I think I see what you see. I see an ancient face in its character, but I would seen the same character—in my face at at the age of 20. Is (was it) it the face of a famed Mongol warrior, who saved you a past life? I think so.

I Love you, Tiwnklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. So wonderful! You clever clogs you! I see the Mongol, so clearly, yes! Also I have one thing to say to you my sookybear ” you ! ” Five beers last night hey ! ” Ha! ” Bad boy!” Time to play ” whack a mole!” On Sookybear’ s head !
    I think you are right, our humour ( note I spell it properly) ha! Donk! Is based upon our knowing of each other so well, as the humour, was there right in the beginning. I love you forever and a day! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever you lovely, adorable, funny man! Quote ” you pretty young thing!” Ha! My reply : ” you handsome bleep! Bleep! Man! Aww. Something to do with dirt? Ha! Running! I love you .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AC Twinklebear! “YOU!”…..”EAT HALF!”…..”TODAY!” Ha! so funny. YOU! Awwww…I love you forever and a day, my sweet honeybear. You tickle me with your brilliant funniness, as I tickle you with that feather! “WINK” You pretty, sexy and sensuous young thing! 12 12 12


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