MY Twin Flame and love of my life, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean just wrote an brilliantly written article, about our Twin Flame journey called, “A Love Formed At The Beginning of Time.” I found this article incredibly touching and poignant. The article is infused with such eternal truth, that I think it is like a love letter written in the sands of time. Reacting so emotionally to Twinklebear’s paean to ever-lasting love, I feel compelled to answer Twinklebear, with my own love letter to her, in a most unusual way. Published here is her article, with my thoughts interspersed with hers. My thoughts, are in italics.



A love that was formed at the beginning of time , from a sacred source of infinite love, and unconditional love. Never will you feel anything quite so powerful, or intense. There are many signs of “Twin Flame love.” The first being a sense of familiarity, and warmth , to the person. Then a remarkable thing happens, you become inseparable, enchanted, totally overwhelmed, by this magnetic pull.

—–Upon first meeting Twinklebear in late 2015, I felt an irresistible attraction to her, like nothing I had a ever experienced before. It wasn’t a merely super-intense sexual attraction, although that was certainly a part of it. That “instant familiarity” Twinklebear mentioned, flowered immediately, as if we had been living together for years. I had a strong sense from the very first moment, that I had to spend every available minute with her, every single day. We did in fact, become inseparable ever since, which was unreal and strange, but there it was. I could not from that very first moment, ever be without her! I felt that if I wasn’t with her every day, all day, that I would die!—–

This pull is so strong, that you feel scared, or threatened by it, and one of you if not both, will want to “Run!” It is a natural response, to something that you are in the early days of discovering. There is a kind of “push me, pull me” feeling . The intensity is so deep , and so seemingly abnormal, to any other love felt with another.

—– That push-pull dynamic between Twinklebear and me in the early days, was so intensely powerful, that I felt that my mind and soul, were being torn apart limb from limb by opposing forces (if minds and souls had limbs, that is!). Nevertheless, I felt like I was going insane from the sheer intensity of emotions I was feeling. I felt like if I didn’t get away from this situation soon (this was the “run” impulse Twinklebear mentioned), that I would soon be left a mere stripped husk of myself, unrecognizable, and jabbering to myself, like Dracula’s “familiar” Renfield. Yet, I felt at the same time, that I could not separate myself from her, as if this bond was decreed by God—–

This familiarity is so strong, you instantly fall into old patterns of previous lives, and feel a deep, unconditional love for this person. The only feeling is of home, and of a love that is imperishable! You have weathered the hands of fate, time, and now you are on the course of your final destiny. To become one soul again forever! There is a magnetic pull inside our souls, which is ignited, when we connect with our “Twin.” Tthat pull is so strong, even death, cannot separate you.

—–“Unconditional love” is a phrase I hear from Twinklebear on a daily basis, as she verbalizes this condition-free love of and to me, no matter what. I also feel this way toward Twinklebear. Do we have disagreements over small things, as this is inevitable between individuals with strong egos? Sure. But, as long as Twinklebear realizes that I am always ultimately right, there is no problem. “RUNNING!” Ha!—–

In the early days, you feel totally wonderful! Yet crazy! As the love you feel is so intense, from the off. This push me!….Pull me!….eventually will subside, unless you have a total runner, then your separation can be longer. One thing is for certain if a true “Twin Flame” they will always, orientate or orbit back to your life somehow.

—–My god! In the early days, I tried my best to “run” the hell away from my Twin Flame, as far as my feet would take me. ‘Feets don’t fail me now!’ Yet they did fail me. I tried this impossible feat—of separating myself from Twinklebear forever—three times! Yet, I didn’t get any farther away from her than a half day’s worth of time. The pull, that indestructible bond between us, pulled me back to her in less than twelve hours. Resistance is futile! I ran from her as if she was the bubonic plague, only to come back to her, heart in hand, as if she was the cure for every ailment and trouble in my life! God help me, I love her too much And I’m glad that I do!—–

Another sign of “Twin love” is being able to look into each other’s eyes, and feel yourself actually remembering before. It’s like looking into their soul, and feeling the past, present , and future love. Such an amazing feeling!

—–This is the Twin Flame sign, that I think is the most mysterious, yet might be the most significant of all the signs. It is the most mysterious, because it sounds so insignificant. “What? Looking into her eyes? What’s the big deal, hey?”

It is also the hardest sign to explain to the “unawakened.” Looking into Twinklbear’s eyes, is no mere “getting lost into a beautiful woman’s gaze.” Once locked into each other’s gaze, it is hard to break the connection.

It is so much more than that. When I look into her eyes—and remember that this locking of eyes can last a long time—allows me to see immortality, for it gives a glimpse of our past lives together (we have been reincarnated as spouses, many times), as well as the possibilities of the future. This effect is on a spiritual plane. Here is the most difficult to reconcile, with the uninitiated:

When I look deeply into Twinklebear’s eyes, I feel a deep and complete knowing of her, from the past. What does that mean, when I say I “know” her?”

It is a “knowing” of the deepest kind, the type of “knowing” that bespeaks of two souls embracing each other through centuries’ time. Perhaps millennia. Of two people who have resented being separated by distance and time, and by the cruel hand of fate. It is a “knowing” that transcends the mundane, in the end, only those “in the know” will understand.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way



  1. This memoir , is amazing! As it’s so totally unique, and written by us both. I love it. I love you my sookybear, so very much.
    I notice you had to interpret my words, for you male species of the twin … Ha! ” Running!” Such a great feeling, having each other.forever and a day! Also knowing this fact, has been a revelation, in itself. Totally awesome .. and awe inspiring. My sookybear. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 121212 ” resistance is futile!”

    Liked by 1 person

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