OUR TWIN FLAME CONNECTION: A flexible, unbreakable bond between Twinklebear and me.

I had an epiphany this morning. I realized that in the duocentric world of Twin Flames, that there is an unrecognized Third Entity in the mix. I realized that this Third Entity, was an equal partner with either Twin Flame, making the Twin Flame relationship a trinity. This “Third Entity,” is perhaps the straw that stirs the Twin Flames drink, for it sustains Twin Flames couples like Twinklebear and me. This “Third Entity”, is the Twin Soul Connection between Twin Flames, and is the invincible force of nature, that keeps Twin Souls together. This “eternal spiritual connector” in fact, thwarts the efforts of dark forces, that conspire to tear Twin Flames partners apart.

In the beginning, God separated single souls into two each, the two halves of each previous single soul, becoming Twin Flames, or “Twin Souls.” These two distinct souls then acted independently of their other “half,” although not totally independently of each other.

With Twin Flames, there always seems to be an invisible thread that connects them, and draws them toward each other, as if on a homeostatic mission to once again reunite, to become one soul again. This so far, is the classic Twin Flames dogma. So, what was different about my epiphany this morning? What I realized this morning in my epiphany, goes far beyond the static and inanimate image, this connector between Twin Flames enjoys.

This “spiritual connector” is not a puny thread, but an invulnerable and unsinkable cable a yard thick—with a life of its own.

The connector between Twin Souls is a living entity, comprised of purely spiritual matter, that is many times stronger than the Twin Flames themselves—the Twin Flames being human, and therefore fallible.

I am convinced that God meant it to be this way. That this connection or “connector” between Twin Flames, is like an unbreakable, force made of flexible, steel-reinforced cable, that doesn’t age—unlike Twin Souls who have human forms.

This “living cable’s” only mission, which is a spiritual mission at the highest level, is to keep the Twins from separating—and to keep them returning to each other in spite of the odds.

Because it doesn’t age, this “Third Entity Cable” in a Twin Flames relationship, stays strong throughout the Twin Flames journey, outlasting all of the human failings like doubt and denial, that makes the Twins want to “run” from the journey and each other.

When the Twins try to run from the oh-so-intense Twin Flames journey, the Twins get only so far from each other—before the Third Entity “snaps” them back together again–to form a reset. And so, the Twins once again, feel close and harmonic.

When you hear Twin Flames complain about the roller coaster, whiplash nature of the Twin Flames existence, this is the phenomenon that causes the neck snapping, volatility of the relationship: The “Third Entity” snapping the twins back, coercing a ultra-closeness, like a true force of nature.

The Third Entity always prevails, because it is a force of nature, indomitable and unrelenting—that brooks no resistance! Resistance is futile!

When you hear Twin Flames saying after a breakup and reconciliation….”We just could not stay away from each other,no matter how hard we tried”….then you know why. It is because that unbreakable connection, that Third Entity in the Twin Flame relationship, is so much stronger than the human elements–the human elements being the Twin Flames.

It is logical to posit that such a spiritual connector exists between Twin Flames. Otherwise, Twin Souls would be like everyone else on Earth—couples that break up without second thoughts about former partners. It is this God-created connector, that truly separates in a real world way, Twin Flames from everybody else.

Its is this spiritual connector, that accounts for the in intense attraction between Twin Flames. It explains the synchronicity of thought, of Twins saying the same things at the same time. It explains the unusually gut-wrenching way that Twins miss each other, if not in each other’s presence.

It also causes the supremely overwhelming feelings of “knowing each other” with intensive, extended periods of eye contact between Twins. Only a force of nature and God, can explain the feeling of Twins being “drawn into each other’s souls” during this type of eye contact.

It is this Third Entity, this third partner in the Twin Flames relationship, that gives Twins the strength to persevere in the Twin Flames journey. Like Twinklebear Lesley Maclean and I.

I love you Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates forever
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Wonderful my sookybear. So powerful, and a true account, of how it feels, when you’re a Twin. Like someone , or something, pulls you , drives you, back to insanity! Ha! Kidding! No seriously, it is so on par, with the source, be of that entity. Such a great piece my sookybear I love you, forever and a day! Twinflames 🐻 pact podmates forever and a day! 121212 thank you for writing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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