Divinely matched beings have a mission to fulfill on Earth prior to being joined at last. They must do their duty and complete the Plan which is inscribed upon their Souls. What links them can’t ever be broken by anybody. When The Moment comes, The Magic Link, a magical dispensation granted from Heaven is forged in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony: Two beings, perfect in themselves, blessed by the joint destiny of true union. And with the support of angels and souls, joined in the Mission of Light….The Miracle of Love is consummated….“Pacts of Love” is a symbol revealed from on high….Because it was, is and shall be thus.


by Juan Pedropable


It has been quite a journey, this “Twin Flame Thing” of ours. Yes, “Twinklbear” Lesley Maclean (my Twin Flame, my other true half) and I began our Twin Flame trip innocently enough. We were in fact in the very beginning, totally illiterate regarding Twin Flames. Do you think that I’m misusing the word, “illiterate?” No, in this context, it does not mean that we were unable to read Twin Flame literature.


illiterate: showing or marked by a lack of acquaintance with the fundamentals of a particular field of knowledge

As you can see, the term “illiterate” is quite nuanced, and can have more than one meaning. In this case, it meant that not only did we not read Twin Flame literature, we did not even know that such entities as Twin Flames existed.

As I said, Twinklebear and I started our Twin Flame innocently enough. At first, we ascribed our incredible compatibility, to us being “kindred spirits.” Hey, “kindred spirits” is a benign enough category, that it might describe philatelists trading war stories about scoring first issue stamps—or bird watchers excitedly babbling about spotting a rare Scaly-Sided Merganser.
This nonchalant approach allowed us the luxury, of avoiding admitting the obvious:

We were madly, crazy in love, a case of zero to sixty full-on love, in a matter of weeks!

It was insane!

This “kindred spirits” phase of our journey, gave way to we calling each other “soulmates.” This incremental acceleration of our Twin Flame journey speed, also seemed benign enough, infused with all of the feel good, new age beneficence of the greeting card professional writer. We were, slightly naughty Valentines Day secret lovers! What could be marginally wrong with that? Decorum was being maintained! There were breathless exclamations of, “We’re bonding so much!”

In the meantime, the secret undercurrents of the Deep Rivers of Love we were dipping our feet into, seared our very souls, stimulating latent memories of past lives, when we loved each other endlessly.

By this point, perhaps three or four months into our trip, we subconsciously searched for an appropriate assignation, to fit the boundless love we felt (but were unable to properly voice) for each other. Then we stumbled upon the anam cara concept. “Anam cara” is Gaelic for “soul friend” or “soul friend.” This had a nice ring to it!

In fact, when you see Twinklbear address me as “AC” Sookybear, and me calling her “AC” Twinklebear, you know that the”AC” stands for “anam cara.” With great love, we cling onto these prefixes, fondly! No, no, we will never give our “ACs” up!

Then a year and half ago, a funny thing happened on to the way to the office. We felt compelled, at long last—to say “I love you” to each other. Oh my God! The dam broke, and to this day, we cannot keep from repeating this thirty or forty (not exaggerating) times a day!

During this period, some of our battles were epic, as we struggled with the acceptance phase of our Twin Flame journey. We had at this point, all of the well known signs of Twin Flame partnerships. We had the synchronicity of thoughts, where we would say the same thing at the same times. This became so routine, that we felt it was normal.

We had the gut wrenching missing of each other, even if we had seen and talked to each other, mere hours before. This manifested itself, as a palpable thoracic “emptiness” and pain, displaying itself as “heartache.” It felt at times, like the end of the world!

We had the “staring into the eyes” with each other for extended periods, unable to tear ourselves away from the other’s gaze, punctuated by “You’re so beautifuls” and “You’re so handsomes.” Included to this day, are “I know your face so well from past lives.”

In any case, if you’re familiar with the usual suspects of Twin Flame signs, I don’t have to draw a laundry list of the signs for you that Twinklebear and I exhibit. Let’s just say that we click or check all the available boxes.

By a year ago, Twinklebear and I reached a tipping point in our Twin Flame journey. We realized, that we would be together forever and a day. It was at this point, that we felt compelled to form a “Bear Pact.” To read about this, click to read “BEAR PACT FOREVER”.

It is well known that Twin Souls enter into a sacred pact at the beginning of time, pledging allegiance to each other, for all time, and beyond the end of time.

Yet, here we were, on February 17, 2017, when my AC Twinklebear and I formed and signed this “Bear Pact” of ours, for all intents and purposes, renewing our Twin Flames vows, that were made millennia ago.

Mind you, we at this point in our journey, had not read any Twin Flame literature, or visited any Twin Flames websites. In other words, we were still “illiterate” regarding Twin Flame doctrine. Hey man, we were “rubes” when it came to Twin Flames.

Our Twin Flame journey, has been an amazing trip of discovery. Twinklebear and I found out from sheer experience, organically if you will, that our “Twin Flame signs” fit what the Twin Flames dogma dictated, as true signs of Twin Flames.

So, Twinklebear and I are astounded that we came by our knowledge of us as Twin Flames, without the undue influence, from Twin Flame literature, websites, and Twin Flames teaching. Which is why we signed our “Bear Pact” a year ago.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. So brilliant you are my sookybear,. What a wonderful memoir , thank you so much. I love you , bearpact 🐻 podmates Twinflames forever and a day! It really is as though we are attached, by our souls. I feel the wrench, even now, when you’re not here. Also your emotions, I know exactly what type of mood, or frame of mind you’re in. Likewise, as you do I. Amazing! Our journey, thus far.
    It is though the ( as we call it ) ” Bearpact ” as you say, was just renewing our sacred vows, to be one, for all eternity. It is still so incredibly intriguing , and mind blowing! How we literally knew nothing of the literature , or phenomenon , that Twinflames are. I mean I heard we all have a ” Doppelganger” but this …. Wow! Incredible.
    Only one thing left to say Bearpact forever and a day my AC sookybear. I can’t wait to begin our new , amazing journey on the ” planet unconditional love! ” 🐻❤121212 my love.

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  2. I love YOU so much, my sweet AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean! We have come such a long way in our Twin Flame journey, and our newly excited full realization that we are in fact, Twin Souls—has deepened our appreciation of the profundity of it all. It IS mind-blowing! Hey you sexy thing! Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact forever! I love you forever and a day! 12 12 12

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