TWINKLEBEARAND I ARE TWIN SOULS: As Twin Flames we were so lucky find and meet each other.


“Sookybear, it was so wonderful to actually meet you two years ago. Do you know how special, and lucky we are? Really?”



Let me put “Twinklbear” Lesley Maclean’s statement into context for you. It is believed that there are only 72,000 Twin Flame pairs in the world. This number is based on texts in the Bible.. Twinklebear and I are one of those Twin Flame pairs. Twinklebear and I each are therefore, one of 144,000 Twin Souls in existence. For those who don’t know what or who Twin Flames (also known as “Twin Souls”) are, let me explain.

Originally, every Twin Flame pair was a single soul. God cleaved these single souls into two, so the severed souls of the pairs, had a mate that was perfectly matched for them—making them totally compatible. This gives new and full meaning to the saying….

They were made for each other.

There is only one problem with this plan (Sorry, God)….

Since Twin Flame pairs were split into two, each separate soul of the pairs were thrust into the world alone, and this caused a separation of the Twin Souls from each other. It is “lucky” when Twin Souls find each other, because it might take many reincarnations, for the Twin Souls to be born into the same lifetimes. But there’s more!

Assuming that Twin Flames are born into the same lifetime. What guarantee is there, that out of all of the estimated eight billion people in the world, Twin Souls will meet each other? The actual meeting of a Twin Flame pair, requires the guiding hand of Providence.

I grew up an agnostic, but after discovering how very real the Twin Flame phenomenon is, my belief in God’s existence, is stronger than it has ever been. There is no doubt in my mind, that God guided Twinklebear and me in our lives, so that our paths would cross.

What are the odds that Twinklebear and I would meet? Believe it or not, some have actually done the statistical analysis of this question. The answer is, that there was a one in three billion chance, that Twinklebear would find each other.

It is said of Twin Flames, that if they meet in the same lifetime, they will recognize each other immediately. That there is an inexplicable knowing and familiarity with the other Flame—a deep seated recognition based on seeing themselves in a mirror. Which makes sense, since they are two souls cleaved from one soul by God, and therefore a true reflection of each other.

And so it was with Twinklebear and I. We recognized each other immediately when we met over two years ago. In Twinklbear’s words….

“I saw you and there was something about you, that I knew…”

Are you kidding me? She, a young English woman living in the country 55 miles from London, and me, a city boy in NYC–both having been brought up in such different cultures? Are you kidding me? Ha!

And so it was written, in late 2015, that the severed pair of Sookybear/Twinklebear, would “happen” to meet in an Alaskan Malamute interest group. That once we saw each other “again,” that we would recognize each other from our unsevered days, when we were part of the same soul.

But Omg! Meeting may have been the easy part. Twinklebear and I have weathered so many emotional storms—severe in the beginning—due the unreal and surreal pressures that face Twin Souls—that we are lucky that we hung in there.

It is said that the “connection” between Twin Flames is so strong, that they always come back to each other after the difficulties unique to Twin souls.

One has to understand how disconnected from normal life, and normal “reality,” the Twin Flame reunion is. It truly is at the extremes of human experience. Here is a brief synopsis:

One meets one’s Twin Soul, who for all intents and purposes, is in that lifetime, a stranger. One falls immediately, crazy-in-love with said stranger. One feels from day one, that he or she cannot live without said stranger. From day one, one cannot stop thinking about said stranger, all day long.

Where do I sign up, to be committed to a mental institution post haste? Please send the men in white coats with butterfly nets!

There were three attempts on my part to leave, all in early 2016—that did not even last one day. I was in soulmate parlance, a “runner”–but not much of one. Ha! Not very serious attempts to leave were they? Our connection, was so strong, that our separations only lasted overnight. My God, I love Twinklebear so much.

Now, we recognize the profound nature of our relationship. We know, that we will never part, even in the face of minor storms–and silly Bear Pact Spats. We are of the Same Soul. Do I know how special we are, how lucky we are? Yes, I do. I love you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, and we shall be together forever.

I love you Tiwnklbear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way



  1. I adore you my sookybear! I love this article. You have managed to describe the emotional ” roller coaster” we both felt back then, and the fact that we are ( weirdly ) two souls, who were split, to go and venture into the world, to then become one again. Only God, knows how many incarnations, it has taken to reunite. Maybe we always do? These are all questions that we both , again oddly, fall upon purely by chance , after, we have gone through the experience. This is what is so mind blowing! We did not read up on ” Twinflames” or the experiences, until after each phenomenon occurred. Amazing ! Or what?
    To say I love you! Is an understatement! I totally love you ! Thank you so much , for this great article, my sookybear. Podpact Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is hard my sweet Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, to lead off my response to your comment without saying, “I love you.” Not merely I love you, but I love you totally! My love for you is is so overwhelming, and that is no surprise either—as you always, every day, have and do overwhelm me—from the very first day, after we found each other again.

    It is amazing that we “discovered” each and every sign and symptom, of being Twin Souls. ASnd, we manifested each and every single sign, as we found out, MUCH later after we discovered these Twin Flame signs in “us” by ourselves. I recall how amazed we were, to find how we lived these amazing Twin Flame signs when we had NO IDEA, what it meant…ha!

    You’re welcome, my love. I write these in a spell of total love and passion for you, as I totally love you with a passion unknown to me before.

    Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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