EVERY THREE MINUTES: Bonding phrase.

As this is being written, we are hours away from turning the calendar page to 2018. December 12, 2015 was the day that “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I acknowledged, that we were a special couple. The term “twin flame” hadn’t even enter our consciousnesses or lexicon yet. That’s why we consider December 12th our anniversary day as a Twin Flame couple.

Yet, we both knew that something special was happening, and was in its seminal stage for us. The evidence was all too apparent. The sexual attraction was through the roof. The personal attraction, was inexplicably irresistible. We could not stop thinking about each other, 24/7. In fact, we both lost sleep from thinking about each other so much. The need to speak every single day, was disturbingly strong.

In other words, if we had been aware of what Twin Flame soulmates were, we would have recognized us as an example of this rare breed of soulmate couples. So, as Twinklebear and I enter our third year as Twin Flames, we look back and see the significance of the number three in our relationship. In a way, we began with the number three.

The magic number three!

In the Twin Flame community, certain numbers are given special significance. 11:11 for example, is such a number, which is considered an angel sign. Some say that it is biblical in origin. However, for Twinklebear and I, the number 3 is special, for more practical reasons.

In late September or early October of 2015, Twinklebear and I were in what I think of, as our purely Platonic phase. Yet, the male-female dynamic was was so overpowering in us, that we began probing each other sexually, in very subtle ways.

For example, Twinklebear asked me at one point during this early Platonic period….

“So, are you a breast man? Mine are all natural.”

Wow! Did that give a squirmy rush! I remember answering….

“Yes…I am.”

So hot!

This line of talk was so primal, so very sexually charged, that I think both is us knew exactly what was happening. Twinklebear was, in her most inherently animalistic female way, probing and testing my sexuality, a winnowing process whereby females subconsciously seek out the most virile mate possible.

This is a process as old as man and woman have existed, and so basic to our natures. Women do this instinctively, and often are not cognizant of why they are doing it. You don’t have to be a student of Freudian philosophy, to understand how the most primal drives in women cause them to test males in this manner.

There are two female concerns when women test men subconsciously. The first is to make sure that she selects an alpha male who is going to be able to protect her. The second, as we see in this instance, is to see if the male is virile enough to father offspring

At this Platonic period, our sexual tension was so palpable, you could have cut it with knife. At one point in this period, I asked Twinklebear….

“So, how often do you think of sex? Because like most men, I think about sex, every three minutes.”

It wasn’t long before this became a standard joke between us. We’d say, “Every three minutes!” in front of others, and we’d wink—knowing that only we knew what we were talking about. It was great fun. It became one of our “secret codes.”

Because “Every three minutes” became an insider joke between us, and because we used it with such glee every day, I think of “Every three minutes” as a bonding phrase, allowing us to get closer in this Platonic period. Now you know why the number three, has such significance for us. Once we became more intimate, we used the phrase less and less, because it had served its function, as a “bonding phrase.”

The number 12 became one of our most enduring, and significant secret codes. Let me explain how this name about.

Between late December of 2015 and June 2016, our level of love and need of each other, seemed so insanely intense—that it frankly scared us. Neither of us had ever experienced the depth of “crazy-in-love-with-you” feelings we had for each other.

As a result of the fear that the intense Twin Flame love experience generated in us, both Twinklebear and I were during that period, in various stages of denial. These stages decreased incrementally, between December and June.

However, because we were so scared by the unreal level of love and need we felt for each other, we were extremely reluctant to say, “I love you.” But, we had to be able to vocalize our love for each other somehow.

And the vehicle for our ability to say “I love you” without having to mouth these three words of commitment (we were scared that it would have been a commitment to insanity !), became the number 12.

You see, the word “love” begins with the “l” and “l” is the 12th letter of the alphabet. So Twinklebear and I adopted the number 12, as a shorthand way of saying “I love you.”

This code to us, is very special in our Twin Flame journey. It is a comfort to say “12 12 12” because it means so much to us. Also not, that we say “12” three times.

Numerology has a special place in the Twin Flame phenomenon, but as you can see, Twinklebear and I have fashioned our own special numbers, that are of significance to us as a Twin Flame couple.

I love you, Twinklbear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: 2018–MAGIC NUMBER THREE”

  1. Such a wonderful memoir my sookybear, I love this so much. Now the secret code is out! 121212 numbers and dates, certainly are significant, it is a great feeling, knowing we are so close, that we fashion our own language. I treasure our ,3 code and our 12 because that’s where we started, and who knows , in this Twinflame dynamic, whether these numbers, were and are always specific and sentimental to us? I love you, podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day my sookybear thank you so much for this wonderful memoir. 121212 every 3 mins! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AC Twinklebear, I believe that these numbers are specific to us, and that they hold special meaning to us alone. They sprang from our imaginations, and from our desire to be close, to be able to convey that desire to be close—in a transitional period for us. You’re welcome, my love. I love you so much, Forever and a day! Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever, my love. 12 12 12


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