In December of 2015, a short time after “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I began talking with each other one on one (we met in an Alaskan Malamute group), one predominant thought occupied both of our minds like a heavenly, ethereal cloud, seemingly crowding out other more mundane concerns:

“I cannot be without you!”

Neither of us could vocalize this to the other. How could we? After all, we’d practically just started talking. It would have been a crazy idea that we could divulge this silent thought to each other. It made no sense whatsoever….in the normal world.

“What? This is insane! How could I be thinking this, and feeling it so deeply? I might as well as be saying ‘I love you’ at this early stage of our friendship! What am I, insane? Am I a love sick puppy?”

Here’s the catch. Twinklebear and I weren’t dealing with the “normal world.” We were now unexpectedly and suddenly thrust into a “Twin Flame relationship.” In theory, Twin Flames are two individuals, who each has but one soulmate in the world, who has been predestined since the beginning of time, to be his or her perfect mate. Call it an act of Solomon.

According to the twin flame literature, this occurred near the genesis of the world, when one soul was divided into two, creating the two individual souls–who if brought together, would reconstitute the original one soul.

This is the reason for the “twin” nomenclature, because each twin is one half of the whole, which was the one soul undivided, before being split into the two “twin flames.” This certainly would account for the sudden and inexplicable thoughts of Twinklebear’s and mine—that “we could not be without the other.”

Twinklebear and I recognized the other, as our one and only true other half.

Having re-found each other again, we certainly were not going to let the other go again! No way! We found each other! And we recognized each other, after who knows how much time has passed since our previously reincarnated selves got together. My God! How could we not feel, “I cannot be without you”, even in the early stage of our relationship?

Nature forced us to feel this feeling as a defensive mechanism, that we could not be without the other, as a way to preserve our twin flame reunion. Oh yeah, didn’t I mention that reincarnation is part of the Twin Flame deal? Ha!

That Twinklebear and I could almost immediately clamp onto the feeling that we could not be without the other—in contravention to what the “normal world” would dictate—confirmed that we were a true twin flame couple. There is no other conventional explanation, for our sudden and intense feeling, that we could not be without the other.

Our two halves were reuniting!

It would be easy to categorize our immediate and mutual feeling that we cannot be without the other, as an isolated case of psychosis. However, Twinklebear and I, are not alone.

We learned by joining a twin flame specialty group, that our immediate feeling of, “I can’t be without you” is not a unique phenomenon among twin flame couples. In fact, it is a fairly typical occurrence among “twins” upon first reuniting. They subconsciously recognize each other, and the feeling of need for the other, preserves the union.

It is so amazing, that Twinklebear and I could have this eternally bonding feeling so early on, in our undeveloped relationship two years ago. This recognition of each other as our twin, and our resolve encapsulated in the thought, “I cannot be without you!”—is truly the twin flame cement that ensures our eternal union.

I cannot be without you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
I love you forever and a day
Twin Flames and Podmates forever
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Well such a wonderful memoir my love, I am always blown away too, by how we instantly re- connected. It is like we were destined to meet , as and when we did. We just needed a vessel, to communicate.
    I cannot be without you either, it is hard to imagine going through life, so far , knowing we were both here, and not together. As now it’s all that matters.being one again
    The thought of losing one another, is unbearable.
    I love how we stuck it out. We certainly went through past, present, to now, with a few ironing out issues, didnr we? Heh. Yet, always, always , through ” unconditional love ” each showing the other, how to love oneself, we pull through. You complete me, my sookybear, I love you so much always and a day bearpact 🐻 podmates Twinflames forever! 121212 thank you so much , for writing this memoir. Btw , we might be ” crazy” but we’re not insane! Ha!

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  2. Yes, AC Twinklebear, I cannot imagine being without you. Our beginning was auspicious, as if a deliberate hand of Fate moved us closer together, so we could “see” each other. And, what a “recognition” there was. A few key phrases from you (“Am I now, take out the rubbish..”) prompting age-old answers I gave—“Yes Dear,”…”Yes you are, you sexy thing..”—and we were on our inevitable way to recognizing each other, as the other’s Twin. I love you Forever and a day, my love—words I’ve uttered to you in other lifetimes, I am sure. Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever!

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  3. My dearest Twinklebear…I re-read your comment again, and feel so blessed, and emotional–thinking of those “issues we ironed out” that you mentioned. Yes, I am so grateful we “stuck it out.” MY God, we could have thrown it all away, forever to our loss and detriment—when I tried to “run”–but could not. I loved you too much, and NEEDED you too much. In short, each time I tried to run, I realized that….I could never be without you! Forever and a day! 12 12 12

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  4. Aww that’s so sweet my love! I too, could not leave , even if I tried. Never would I want to. Our whole existence, is building up to our total reunion, not the opposite. I love you so much. Your words , are magical .here’s to the next milenia together. Always bearpact 🐻 podmates Twinflames forever and a day! My sookybear.

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  5. Twinklebear, my love, your words are so profound, reflecting what we have learned. I love you forever and a day. Awwww..my Twinklebear, my sweet Honeybear. You complete me! I am MYSELF, with you. 12 12 12


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