MY LOVELY TWIN FLAME: “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean.

I have been a prolific writer, especially about the biker subculture—see GOING THE DISTANCE and BIKER SUBCULTURE—but these website efforts, in addition to the years I wrote for Iron Horse, Black Belt, Karate-Kung Fu Illustrated and Kung Fu magazines—seem paltry compared to this soulmate memoir series, in terms of production per month.

I look at the amount of writing I’ve produced in these memoirs about Twinklebear’s and my Twin Flame soulmate journey, in the short time I’ve been writing them, and it boggles my mind! It was a little more than a year ago, when my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” said to me….


(she pronounces it “Sookybeah” in that sexy, lilting English accent of hers…God, I love her accent and her voice—so hot!)

….I’ve read the articles you’ve written about bikers, and I wish you’d write about us….”

So I agreed. In fact, I wrote the very first memoir, “MEMOIR: TWINKLEBEAR”—on December 10, 2016. Oh, what a difference a year makes! To date since that first memoir a year ago, I’ve written fifty-five memoir installments. This memoir, is the fifty-sixth.

I attribute this prolificness to the fascination I hold for this experience, for it is so very unique. It exists outside of “normal” human experiences. Most people feel they have had soulmate relationships, but they have no idea about how radical a true Twin Flame relationship is, compared to what people consider “ordinary” soulmate relationships. I would not characterize it as “supernatural,” for that would cheapen the experience. Words and semantics do matter, as far as public perception is concerned.

How radical is the true Twin Flame relationship? If you are one of a Twin Flame couple, then you feel awash by fate, violently swept away by the sheer natural force of attraction to, and bonding with your Twin Flame partner. Your world may be turned upside down, inside out, and you may feel as if you are on the craziest and most dangerous roller coaster ride without a seat belt, but it is a ride you cannot get off from. You truly cannot fight back against or resist, this tsunamic storm surge of fate. This Star Trek quote comes to mind….

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships….Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile….”

I would certainly call the Twin Flames experience “paranormal,” as the experience is on the extreme fringe of human experience. There is no doubt in my mind that the Twin flame phenomenon, is experienced by very few couples.

Think about how many couples there are in the world, most of whom accept the Hallmark Card definition of “soulmate.” Most of us feel, that all of our romantic partners of ours, during our lifetimes, were our “soulmates” to a greater or lesser degree. After all, Valentines Day demands this of us! The definition of soulmate is very loose and fluid, in general society.

But, “out there somewhere,” IS THE ONE AND ONLY SOUL, that we made a soulmate pact with, before time began. This occurred in the “pod” where One Soul was split into two, and the two souls—known as Twin Flames or Twin Souls—vowed to find each other throughout time, over many lifetimes–to unite again, as One Soul. Now you know why Twinklebear and I also call ourselves “Podmates” as well as Twin Flames.

This is what Twinklebear and I are.

Check it out man, This is heavy! Knowing what I’ve just divulged to you, and assuming that you believe the premise of the “Twin Flame”—how would you go about finding your Twin Flame? It seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Yet, Twinklebear and I managed to do just this.

I theorize we did this, with “assistance” of the helpful hand of Fate and Predestination. God himself? Perhaps. Yes, I really believe this. How else could Twinklebear and I have found each other? The odds seem insurmountably great against achieving it, without the motivating hand of Fate. So much abut this is unknown, but so much of it is undeniable and amazing!

At first, we didn’t know what was happening. It felt like all of a sudden, there was for each of us, a magical being of the opposite sex, who we found endlessly fascinating, sexually attractive beyond all reason to the point of sensual insanity, and a person with which we wanted to be with, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Incredible!

This other person for each of us, outshone all other people and events in our lives. This other person, became the focus of our lives, with the rest of the world receded into the dark corners of the world. The other person became reality for us, and the rest of our world and lives, became surreal.

The other person, was someone—whom all of a sudden—we thought about, all of the time, making each of us wonder if we had suffered irreversible, sudden onset clinical insanity. We thought about each other when we were awake. We woke up at night, thinking about the other. We missed the other like crazy.

We were crazy in love, extreme Hollywood style, and there was no cure for this mysterious, yet wonderful malady! It was and is an illness, we wanted no respite from

Now, take what we felt when all of this happened two years ago, and multiply it however geometrically you want, and you have a good idea of what it is like, to be in a Twin Flame relationship. Twinklebear and I are even more crazy in love. The depth of love of greater. If anything, we think about each other even more than before, and need each other more than before.


I love you Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way.



  1. So great and wow! Fifty plus memoirs to date. Aww you’re so adorable my sookybear, I do love you! Thank you, for this lovley memoir. I treasure , all of the memoirs, as you wrote them, and like you say , to be separated, or apart, is a terrible thought. ” How on earth did we survive it before?” It’s mind blowing!
    I love you, always and a day! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 forever! 121212. The feelings grow, and grow, more and more, every moment ( me more !!! ) By the way my sookybear ” who’s making the tea, in the pod , when we get to it? ) Ha! Or cawfeee? We need to iron these little things out before hand ( just so there’s no confusion! ) Ha! I love you! Thank you for being here. Awww. Soppy! Mushy! Love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! Beam me up Scottie, hey, AC Twinklebear? You are so adorable, and I am so crazy in love with you, Baby! It has been an incredible, violently joyous ride, my love, and I am happy that you and I have found each other—out of all the people in this big, wide world. BTW, you can make the cawfee and tea, but I am doing the cooking in the Pod—because I don’t want to get sick! “RUNNING” Ha! 12 12 12 Forever and a day, Bear Pact Forever!


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