“As I paid for a purchase recently at a department store, I noticed three golden angel pins upon a nearby clerk’s sweater. I complimented the woman on her angel jewelry, and the clerk who was ringing-up my sale commented, ‘Maybe I should start wearing angel pins, too. Then I can be lucky like her!’

‘Luck!’ I thought to myself as I caught the eye of the angel-wearing woman. She winked at me in mutual acknowledgment that ‘luck’ plays no part in the miracles that come your way when you invite angels into your life. The woman explained that twice recently, she’d experienced miraculous protection at the department store from her angels. First, her stolen purse was recovered intact within an hour of the incident. Second, as a rack full of heavy clothing was falling on her, it miraculously changed direction and fell a different way.

As the angel-clad clerk and I swapped angelic intervention stories, the eyes of the woman in front me grew large. ‘Do I have angels?’ she wanted to know, and then asked, ‘How can I get them to help me, too?’ We always benefit whenever we invite angels into our lives….”



I uncannily invited an angel into my life two years ago, an angel who has been in my life, make that “lives”—in previous incarnations of us—as the most important part of my existence. This angel is “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, who is not only the love of my life in this life, but in every life that we have shared in the past as twin flame soulmates.

That’s right. Twinklebear and I are a reincarnated couple—just as you’ve seen in Hollywood films—except, we are reincarnated in real life, not “reel life.” That sets the stage for what happened today. Today, Twinklebear gave me an angel pin, and said….

“Sookybear, I love you. Wear this, and you will be protected. Please wear it for me, and then I will know that you are safe.”

I treasure this angel pin, for it was given to me by my Earth Angel, Twinklebear. It may seem silly to many that I am so affected by a angel pin, but they don’t appreciate the significance of the pin. Am I talking about a talismanic power of jewelry? In a word, yes. I believe in the protective power of the love that Twinklebear has for me. Absolutely. To me, this love of hers, is life’s blood, itself.

It was clear to both us, that there was something extremely profound going on with us, two years ago after we met, beyond the red-hot attraction we felt for each other. Our completely compatible chemistry, pointed to more than two people who fit together like hand in glove.

This close-knit chemistry, where we are completely open with each other, signified an ancient alliance and familiarity, with each other.

There could be no other rational explanation. That “something” more profound, was that we realized that we were twin flame soulmates, destined since before time began, to be together throughout time, and beyond. The space-time continuum, has no hold on us! These spiritual epiphanies were earth-shaking to us, and wonderful to behold—the highest of spiritual realizations.

Through discourse and the examination of her and my history, it became clear that I have been, and always will be Twinklebear’s Guardian Angel and protector, and Twinklebear has always been my Earth Angel, destined to love and protect me, as well. There were so many coincidences in our lives, that pointed to a profound symbiotic, loving relationship, since times of antiquity.

For example, Twinklebear at a very young age, developed an unexplained and unnatural interest in Genghis Khan, the 12th century Mongolian conquerer, who almost conquered all of Europe. This was at an age when girls her age, were obsessed with playing with dolls.

Twinklebear’s mother tried to dissuade her from buying historical books about the great Mongolian leader, to no avail. Twinklebear got her way, and bought those books about Genghis Khan. There was something driving Twinklebear, that existed before she was born in this life.

Interestingly, as a contrecoup phenomenon to Twinklebear’s Mongolian obsession, I acquired and embraced the nickname of “Genghis” when in my twenties. It is the classic contrecoup, of twin flame lovers.

There are no coincidences in the soulmate world.

Then there is this. Twinklebear since her teenage years, had a recurrent dream about me, clad in Genghis Khan era Mongolian warrior armor, rescuing and saving her from dire situations. These dreams, making an appearance a few times a year since Twinklebear was a teen, stopped completely two years ago, after we met.

In this life, I have already performed as Twinklebear’s Guarduan Angel and saved her, which you can read about in “MEMOIR: I SAVED HER LIFE” I will always protect my beloved Twinklebear!

We know this. Twinklebear and I have been dancing in and out of, each other existences since the beginning of time, and in each and every instance, I was her protector–her Guardian Angel, and she has been my Earth Angel, beloved, cherished and protected—but she was also shielding me with her love. This is what the angel pin that Twinklebear gave me, represents….

Mutual love and protection.

The angel pin represents her love and protection of me, as my Earth Angel. This protection, is a two-way street for twin flames soulmates.

Now you know why an angel pin, means so very much to me. It is a true symbol
of who Twinklebear and I are.

I love you Twinklebear
Forever and A Day
Twin Flames, Podmates Always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 In Every Way


4 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: MY PIN-UP GIRL”

  1. This memoir is truly a representation of US as Twin Flames my Sookybear, totally unique in it’s essence. The Angel pin, is a way of my being there ( even when I cannot) to watch over you too. We have had a scare this year, one which would be a test of that Angelic belief. So a little Angel pin is a reminder that even death, cannot part us. As either way, we are and always will be each other’s Angel. I love you! Forever and a day my Sookybear! Bear Pact Podpact Twin Flames 🐻 always. 12 12 12

    P.S. Can we make it ” Brad Pitt , or Johnny Depp, next time I get my obsession please ? Ha! ” Running! “Only kidding!” Never in a million or Not eternity, would I swap my Genghis Sookybear. Thank you for your love, and support, always.

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  2. Brad Pitt, hey? Ha! YOU! Keep it up, my love, and you will have an arse REDDER than a red-arsed baboon’s, when I get my hands on it! AWwwww..I love you so much, my Earth Angel! Forever and A Day. I am eternally yours, and I will eternally love you, and keep you safe! 12 12 12

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