“Parents tend to let things slide once the last child comes along — they aren’t nervous, first-time parents anymore. As a result, lastborns usually do get away with more than their siblings do…..They shoulder less responsibility, so they tend to be more carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate….and they like to make people laugh. Just see if your youngest assumes the role of class clown someday. But being the youngest isn’t all roses. Because lastborns view their older siblings as bigger, faster, and smarter, they may attempt to differentiate themselves by being more rebellious…..Lastborns have an ‘I’ll show them’ attitude. And if older siblings baby the baby, lastborns might be spoiled and manipulative.”



Can you say “spoiled brats?” Because, that is what my Twin Flame soulmate “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, and I are. No question about it. There is also no question that this similarity in personality, draws us to each other like opposite pole magnets, and why we are so incredibly close.

I could give you all the schmaltzy hocus pocus about “twin flame frequencies” and the like, enough to make your eyes glaze over, except for your quick glance at the razor sharp knife on the table—with which you can end this misery with a quick slash of the wrist! But I won’t. The simple truth is….

Twinklebear and I are lastborn brats of the highest order!

Yes, true. Do ya see how simple things are? We are both the “babies” of our respective families, both the lastborn of four siblings. Twinklebear put it very succinctly, this way, and I concur on every single point, based on my experience as the baby of my family…..

“I’ve always felt apart from my brothers and sisters, as if they were a group apart from me….as if I’d been from a different planet. I felt ‘second’ to their closeness and wishes, if you will–they always as a group, came ‘first.’ I always felt like my voice was not as important, my opinion less valid…”

Fascinating, how Twinklebear could so accurately describe my feelings while growing up. Then again, “twin flames” can site synchronous past and present attitudes—as well as the synchroncity of thoughts and feelings (the same thoughts and feelings in each, happening simultaneously)—as well known attributes of the twin flame relationship. Twin flame partners, are each one half of the whole, that is comprised of the two together.

It is a trendy Hallmark card axiom, but it is true, that Twinklebear completes me. Valentines Day cards merely allude to this Hollywood romantic ideal, while Twinklebear and I live it. I am not truly myself, without her. This is the reason we feel so gutted, miss each so much, when not together. When we are together, that awful feeling goes away.

I don’t know if I should divulge this in public (Twinklebear will kill me–ha!), but our being lastborn brats, accounts for the reason that we can be so children-like with each other—and this behavior includes incredibly embarrassing baby talk….

“Waaaaaaa! I miss you! I love you! Waaaaa! I feel sad! Waaaaa….where’s my (insert “Sookybear” or “Twinklebear” here depending on who is talking) Waaaa….I want you now….”

Okay, I’ve done it now. I’ve just relinquished my Hardcore Biker Card, and Tough Guy Martial Artist Card. Oh well. That’s the way life goes. Now can I eat my porridge, with a cup of hot chocolate, and a crying towel?

Oh my God, were we both brats when we were kids, but here’s the key to us being twin flames, with respect to our current behavior: We can still be brats, but only each other. It is a truism, that twin flames can only be themselves, with each other.

With other people in our lives, we have steadily erected walls of guardedness, never to be breached! This is how “normal people” function in this world, how they mask their innermost weaknesses—never revealed in their gory honesty, to anyone…except one’s “twin flame,” that is.

Then the barriers, so carefully constructed over a span of years, come down. And it is so great, so refreshing, to be in this state with Twinklebear—carefree and child-like in our honesty and joy. Even in times of tribulation, it is so great to honestly share this trait, this veritable baring of one’s soul to each other. I could not do this, with anyone else besides my beautiful and sexy Twinklebear.

“Stop your whinging and whining!”

That is what Twinklebear’s mum would say to her, when Twinklebear was acting bratty. My mom would say similar things. Ha! Funny to think abut now. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this adorable behavior continues….with each other, because remember…we can truly be “ourselves” without inhibition–and we do with each other. When Twinklebear is being bratty, I will say….

“Awwwww…my poor baby! Awwwww…..”

“Don’t pacify me, you! I won’t be patronized!”

“Awwww…Baby, it’s okay…I’m not pacifying you…only saying the truth…I love you so much…”

(NOTE: she will really kill me now….ha!)


Hey! watch it with that club, Twinklebear! Jeez…wotta grouch!

I will say this. I love my beautiful brat, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, and treasure every bratty moment with her. My life would empty, forlorn and joyless, without her.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and A Day
Twin Flames, Podmates Forever
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in Every Way


2 thoughts on “‘MEMOIR: LOVE BRAT STYLE”

  1. Wwaaaaaa !!! ” I want my sookybear NOW !!!! “. What do you mean by that ? “Bratty! ” Ha !! Yes, this is so honestly true, we are” Huge Brats!” Well sometimes we have good reason to be . Like ” waaaaa! I have a cold!” Or ” waaa! I want the last cookie !” .or ” Waaaa! You’re leaving early ” hmm! … Well it is so refreshing, to able to be this way with someone, completly ” free!” So uninhibited. I love you my sookybear always and a day ! Bearpact 🐻 podmates, Twinflames eternally. 121212
    This reallt is a sweet, funny, accurately reflectivs memoir, you are so funny and clever my clever clogs ! Now ” where’s my hot chocolate and comforter blanket? ” Ha!
    Thank. You so much , you’re the best. X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww..ha! Yes, I had fun writing that. As long as I don’t hear after….”WHATEVER!”…..”FINE!”……”OKAY”..or the worst of all, the ever ominous “Hmmmmm…” Ha! Waaaaaaa! I want my Twinklebear! Where are you? Waaaaa! Awww….I love you Forever and a day, my Beautiful Brat! 12 12 12


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