Such an extraordinary thing!

My love for my “twin flame” soulmate and love of my life, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, that is. I shall speak of only my end of this rare and wonderful thing of ours, because Twinklebear can speak for herself. However, knowing that she feels exactly the same in sharing this remarkable experience, doubles my joy. Thankfully, this is not a tale of unrequited love.

Let’s see if I can actually put into mere words, what I experience with Twinklebear.

There are times, when I gaze intently into her eyes, serenely seeking Twinklebear’s deepest self–her soul—through her incredibly beautiful aqua eyes. Then the….


…of immediate recognition happens. We instantly lock minds, and souls—if souls can be so defined, and then something truly phenomenal happens.

Did you ever experience pure emotion, where everything else is crowded out of your consciousness? Besides what happens with Twinklebear, the only other time in my life, I ever felt “pure emotion,” where all extraneous influences are not felt, was when I used to trip on LSD when I was very young.

My God!

How truly extraordinary and euphoric the two experiences are! Loving Twinklebear is truly an addictive drug, and she is the most desirable experience in the world! I crave her love as never before! I love her now, as never before—although I would have said before, this was not possible. Yet, it is true. My love for her grows exponentially, by the day.

Those of you who have ever experienced acid trips, know that it is virtually impossible, to attain an LSD or mescaline level of euphoria, without hallucinogenic assistance.

I achieve this, simply by loving my Twinklebear.

MY SWEET TWINKLEBEAR Euphoria personified to me.

There is an element of this euphoria that I experience with my twin flame Twinklebear, that goes unreported in the soulmate culture. It is how I feel physically, when I lock gazes with Twinklebear. I call this my “adoring face,” because this powerful sensation of love and adoration, emanates from my face. This sensation seems to spread backward, and infect my brain, but in a good way.

Accounts in other soulmate venues, gloss over this as “eye gazing,” but it is more than that. It is I feel, our souls locking together. During this interlocking of souls, there is this pure, unadulterated adoration of Twinklebear that I feel.

It is pure emotion!

And it is “pure emotion,” that crowds out all other sensations and thoughts from my mind. It becomes an entity unto itself, and I am just a passenger for this ride. My brain and mind become inflamed, and it is the best, most wonderful feeling in the world.

During this process, my whole face acquires a heated glow that I can feel, that is both palpable and astonishing powerful. It is different than blushing, for my face feels heated but it is not reddish at all. It is an inner sensation, that is a manifestation of the powerful adoration and love I feel for Twinklebear.

This is the powerful feeling of love, that I equated with tripping on acid—it is that strong, and rare an emotion to feel—that I don’t think occurs in ordinary life. When I have my “adoring face” on when locking gazes (and souls) with Twinklebear, the emotional sensation is of unparalleled euphoria.

It is a fascinating phenomenon, the role that emotions play, in a twin flame relationship. Twinklebear related to me recently, regarding an old relationship she had with another man…..

“We never talked about our emotions, which was strange…all we talked of, were things that have happened, or a football game, or whatever…never about our hopes, or what we felt…”

This is especially strange, because in contrast to that old dynamic of hers with an old partner, emotion seems to be all Twinklebear and I talk about. I would say that 20% of our conversations are about events and such, and 80% about emotions, good and bad.

It is amazing! Twinklbear and I are completely open books with each other!

Just this morning, Twinklebear and I had a non-stop five hour conversation, telling each other how much we loved each other, how much we need each other, the state of our emotions the day before at day’s end, our fears and aspirations—all the while expressing a really loving concern about the other’s state of mind.

We constantly express mutual emotional support of the other, making sure on each of our parts–that we are not the cause of any emotional discomfort, of the other. This is real love in action, being played out in everyday interactions. Ha! In our case, these “mundane” interactions revolve around five hour conversations. Our “marathon love-ins,” if you will.

“Just watch yer step folks, step around the emotional slop and glop left behind by ‘ole Scott and Lesley, okay? Anyone wanna rent some wading boots? Only two pounds for the hour! ‘Ere, ‘ere, step lively but doan slip on the slimy muck….we doan want our tour to get sued….”

Our realization, that the majority of our talk is about emotions, was jarring and profound. Even though we’ve doing this day in and day out for the past two years, it did not dawn on us how very much emotions are important to us—until we analyzed our conversations. Twinklebear and I are pure emotion!

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always!
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


3 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: ADORING FACE”

  1. So very apt, my sookybear. I love the gazing! We really are amazing!
    Hey! ” Are you saying I’m like an acid trip? ” Ha! I love you! ( I know what you mean…)
    Such a pure, sweet, loving, articulate article. Thank you so much. Bearpact, 🐻 podmates , Twinflames, forever and a day! 121212

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Twinklebear, my sweet Honeybear! It is true! We ARE “pure emotion,” and the fact that we can have five hour conversations centering around emotions, proves it! I love you Twinklebear, Forever and 3 minutes..I mean days…. “DONK” Ha! Just kidding, my loving “smahrt arse!” 12 12 12

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey I heard that! I totally agree , we talk and stare for hours , we are totally comfortable and at ease about everything. Emotional is a huge part of love! As love, is the only pure emotion. I love you! Always and forever! 121212 my sookybear! Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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