There is a natural tendency for me, to write about my love relationship with my “twin flame” soulmate, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, in the most profound perspective. And that is to emphasize our twin flame soulmate foundation, which posits that Twinklebear and I have been destined in these roles since the very beginning of time—before the Earth was born.

It was in that timeless vacuum, that our two individual souls formed a sacred and loving pact, to be the other’s only partner, in this perfect union—throughout all of time.

There is this tendency in me as a writer, because I naturally gravitate to the profound, when trying to reach a reading audience’s sensibilities. This time, however, I shall resist this tendency, and concentrate on simply relating what it is that I love so much about my Baby, and why we get along.

But no—that would be too flippant and mundane a characterization of how we mesh and are so perfect together as a couple. That is because these attributes that are the reason why we “mesh”—are attributes of “twin flames”—people who are the only two souls in the world, truly meant for each other.

Do you not see how difficult it is, to get away from the twin flame concept, when writing these memoirs?

It is hard, but…*sigh*….I will try.

Humor is one of the reasons we mesh so well. We simply have the right chemistry together, to make each other laugh, and laugh we do—constantly. This humorous symbiosis, is rooted in our complementary personalities. Our complementary angles just fit in, as if we are having “humorous fornication.”

Another unique aspect of our relationship—which we each have never been able to do with other people, is that we are able to (and do every day) talk for hours on end.

Do you know how difficult it is, to relate to another person for such long and extended periods of time, without it becoming tedious? This never happens with Twinklebear and me.

We just never get tired of talking to each other—and of course, we laugh uproariously, when we talk.

This jocular sexuality, involves me inserting myself, into Twinklebear’s mind’s laugh center (and I tickle her mental clitoris….so to speak), and we have gales of laughter during this orgasmic (in a humor way, of course—you readers with dirty minds!) process. We simply stimulate the right laughter parts in each other. That is the best way I can put it.

There is the obvious and intense sexual attraction we have for each other, but since this is family show, I’ll just gloss over this. As for why I am so sexually attracted to my Twinklebear, I will just say….


Oh my God! Have you seen her? She has a face a body to die for! She could give a statue a boner! Wait….did I really say that? Hey, this is a family show! Oops…I get carried away. Ha! Forgive me.

Anyway, getting back to humor. There was the time long ago, early in our relationship, when Twinklebear said to me in all innocence….

“I never thought I’d fall in love with a face like yours…”

What she meant in a non-derogatory way was, that she had never had any love relationships with an Asian man, and she never expected to–until we stumbled (dictated by fate), into each other, changing our lives forever.

Now, I repeat this innocent proclamation to her, and we can’t stop laughing at this! Ha! So funny! Awww. We are so mushy.

I think I’m turning into a female character in a chick flick.

Just kidding. We are mushy, though. We both admit, we each have never been, nor could we ever be this mushy and soppy with any others, like Twinklebear and I are with each other. This the basis for another reason we mesh so well.

It might be embarrassing for me to admit this, but what the hell–here goes. If others ever read a transcript of our conversations, they’d swear that they were reading how two teenagers madly in love prattle on–and it has been this way with us, since Day One. Two years and counting, and we cannot stop saying how much we love each other every three minutes, probably more frequently than that.

God, I love her so much!


Well, this memoir was light on the “twin flame” soulmate aspects of us, and really heavy on the mushy, soppy facets of our love. Ha!

Hey baby, welcome to our world!

I love you, Twinklbear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Thanks so much my sookybear . What a wonderful , light hearted , funny, article . You really are so amazing! I love you! Always and a day! 121212 our ” mush ” is the mushiest, ever invented ha! Gooey, soppy, mush! Aww. You are such a talented writer. Podmates, Twinflames, bearpact šŸ» forever! By the way (. I will check male statues now! ) Heh…. ” Wink! “

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean! Hey, I’ve turned into a statue…heh. Oops! Hey, my eyes are up here—you bad girl! I really enjoyed writing this one, you sexy thing–because every word is true! BTW, can statues get some relief? Ha! I love you Forever and a day, you incredible woman! 12 12 12


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