OUR PORTAL: It led to a love like nothing either has known before.


This memoir consists of two segments. In the first segment, Twinklebear will offer her views on The Portal, and her and Sookybear’s soulmate relationship.

In the second segment, Sookybear will give his perspective, on their Portal, and how the Portal influenced their soulmate relationship


To date, Sookybear, who is my one and only “true soulmate” and I, have been on this incredible journey. We have weathered many storms, those consisting of social, spiritual, financial and health issues.

One thing that holds with absolute strength, is our totally open, and honest approach, to our relationship. We are completely open. So much, that either one of us can tell if the other is not quite okay.

We have a unique love, a love which defies all we have ever learnt in the past about feelings, or how we feel about other loves, or lovers.

Sookybear and I can talk about absolutely any subject, to the point where even if we have a differing opinion, we will both (not just one of us) concede. In other words, we agree,to disagree, except we rarely disagree.

Our little world, which we have created, is totally perfect. The emotions run extremely high, to the point of openly showing every emotion from laughter to sadness, to total happiness and elation.

Our little “portal” is our sanctuary, our place to just be, or to talk, gaze at each other, and be serious. Yes we can be serious you know—it has been known! Ha!

My love for Sookybear, is so unconditional, it makes a scene for a love story or a romantic novel. I love our portal, I love my Sookybear, actually will love him always and a day!

We are still on an incredible journey. It is so incredibly wonderful, that we, Sookybear and myself, know it is eternal—past, present, and future. We are pod-pacted, bear-pacted eternally and I could not think of a better place to be

Yes, it’s on social media. Yes, it’s on video—but it is more real, and more loving and rewarding, than anything either of us has ever known with other people, truth be known. For want of a better expression, “we’ve only just begun” in terms of the now.

Yet we have slotted into our relationship, our old routines from our old lives, and past life ways. Our compatibility, is remarkable, unreal even.

All I can say is “onwards and upwards my Sookybear!” Fasten your seat belt, we are always evolving and going forward forever together.

I love you, Sookybear!
12 12 12



To date, there are forty-one memoirs, chronicling my soulmate journey with my twin soul soulmate, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean. You’ve been deluged with a flood of information, with respect to our loving relationship, a soulmate relationship that has flourished since late December of 2015.

Your minds and senses have been inundated, with the minutiae of how Twinklebear and I “complete” each other, how we feel we cannot live without the other, how we would feel gutted to never speak or see each other again.

You’ve suffered with us, through our recounted growing pains as True Soulmates, each of us in profound denial at the very beginning, of falling crazy-in-love with each other, the sheer weight of these indelible feelings, scaring the hell out of us.

You’ve been exposed vicariously to the precipitous breakneck speed with which we fell in love and the fact that we finally found true love with each other, real love that outshines all the love relationships we’ve each had before, but which were merely weak-by-comparison, washed-out, colorless pretenders, to the vibrant, full-blown love that Twinklebear and I have.

You’ve heard us expound on the depth and breadth of our love, causing us to believe that very few couples have experienced a love such as ours, which is true soulmate love. This is the type of hyper-love, that one only sees in Hollywood movies, and reads about in romance novels.

In other words, it’s an almost mythological love, that many doubt the existence of, unless one has experienced it. To live it, is to believe in it. Now Twinklebear and I believe, because we are living it.

You’ve heard us opine that very few people would believe us, simply because they have not experienced our kind of real love. By now, your eyes must be glazing over, as we continue to radiate the superlatives of our love, as effortlessly, as the sun proliferates rays of sunshine.

You might be at this point of this memoir, be tempted to shut down your devices and proclaim, “Hey, we’ve heard of all this before. Been there, done that, man.” However, I’m about to wake you up with “the hook” of this memoir:


Yeah, you read that right. However, that does not invalidate, or even diminish our love or soulmate relationship, one single single iota. Allow me to elaborate. Once again, I’ll backtrack to the beginning…..

In late 2015, beginning in October, Twinklebear and I noticed each other, as we participated in Facebook groups. There was something about the other, we each silently thought, that was so familiar.

This mutual interest and attraction, almost immediately escalated, into an exclusivity that we developed among these hundreds of group members, as if we were alone. We acted like, and talked as if, we were the only ones there at the groups.

Frankly, we even among all these people, segued into talking to each other like a long married couple. We found a rhythm that we feel we had in the past. Not a deja vu feeling, but a feeling that we have talked like this, in past times and lives, as spouses, lovers and best friends. Can you say “reincarnation?”

We found a comfort level in the company of the other, that belied the few short weeks, that we’d known each other. Our compatibility level, and comfort level, was truly analogous to that of a couple married for decades.

But how can this be, if we had never met in person?

I get the skepticism. Believe me, before I met Twinklebear in 2015, I was the biggest, most fervent skeptic in the world. To me, “soulmates” was just a selling point for Hallmark Cards, on Valentines Day. I thought that gullible people who believed in the soulmate phenomenon, to be stupid suckers.

Ha! And if I was told this could be possible, for people who haven’t even met yet, I would have said to that person….

“Hey! WTF is wrong with you, huh?”

But it’s easy to believe, if one is living it.

And, Twinklebear and I are living it. Every precious second of it, since late 2015. Since that time, there has only been one day, when we were unable to speak with each other.

Beginning in December of 2015, we began spending hours speaking (text messaging) on Facebook Messenger, every single day. It wasn’t video messaging, but it laid the groundwork for our relationship, because it allowed us the luxury of meticulously talking about things, big and small. This was a controlled, and civilized courting process.

In other words, texting for hours at a stretch every single day, allowed us to get to know each other, extremely well.

And the comfort level? Ha! I was not a person who was capable of making chitchat, for 2 minutes before losing patience with it. I hated making conversation, with anyone. Now I was talking to someone, for hours at a time? Incredible!

We would discuss everything under the sun, from the most mundane, to events of the world. We would never run out of things to talk about. Our senses of humor, circled each other, like well-practiced synchronized swimmers. And if we were were tired, we found comfort in loving silences, punctuated by “I love yous” and “Awwws.” Because of all this talking on Messenger…

We were comfortable in our skins, with each other.

By mid-year 2016, we had undergone an intensive course of “getting to know you,”
before ever setting eyes on each other in video messaging. We had reached by June, a “comfortable old slippers” level of comfort, and compatibility. By this point, we realized, that we could never do without the other.

Then in June, a seismic development geometrically accelerated our love, to supersonic levels.

VIDEO MESSAGING BEGAN IN JUNE: It opened a whole new dimension for us.

In mid June 2016, Twinklebear and I began video messaging. “Oh my God, you are so beautiful!”……”Oh my God, you are so handsome!”

For the first time, we were able to gaze–close up—as in like three inches away from each other’s eyes–into each other’s eyes. Here, as we gazed into each other’s eyes for minutes at a time, unable to tear our gazes away, we found the “knowing” we had for the other from other ages and other lives–just as we posited, in texting on Messenger. What a revelation this was!

And video messaging, both in Skype and Facebook Messenger, allowed us to get even closer, which we frankly did not believe possible before that. By the time we began video messaging in mid June, we already related, talked and interacted like a long-married couple–which we believed ourselves to be in past lives.

Actually seeing each other as we talked of life, love and the world in real time, enhanced our feeling of being inseparable, which we already felt by the time we began video messaging. Technology did indeed, shrink those 3,000 miles between us, to mere inches. We have been inseparable, since December of 2015, and this newest technological boost, was simply wonderful.

This was no mere optical illusion. This was real, if somewhat surreal. That didn’t matter. These hours spent with each other everyday, once we began video messaging, made the world between us a minuscule distance.

OUR PORTAL TO EACH OTHER: We were able to see each other from inches away.

It has been quite a journey, this nineteen month trial by fire and love, for Twinklebear and me. In all truth, we are “Twin Flame” soulmates, two souls who made a pact before the beginning of the world. We made a pact by uniting our two separate souls, into One Soul.

We are each one half the equation of our One Soul, and this pact pledges love throughout eternity. We complete each other. I love you, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, always and a day, for eternity and beyond. We are truly inseparable.

That brings up the question, what’s next? We both know what we want to be next, and that is the eventual, physical uniting, that we both want. You see, I am in New York, and Twinklebear is in England. We’re working on it!

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin soul soulmates, podmates always!
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way.


3 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: THE PORTAL”

  1. Awww..my sweet Twinklbear Lesley Maclean, I loved your segment so much! It was so lovingly and thoughtfully written! Thanks so much! Yes, we are on this incredible journey, and it means the world to me, and YOU mean the universe to me. I love you my sweet Honeybear, Forever and a day! 12 12 12


  2. Well likewise my Sookybear, your piece is so wonderful and I totally agree , we are like two souls. United our love and compassion, grwps, and grows, like eternal flowers.
    I especially love your writings, it somewhat, imortalises us your kind mature , and great ability to write, is shinning through. Thanks so much for this insightful article. I love you! Sookybear AC Scott Genghis Wong! Always and a day! 121212


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