DIANA DORS: Well known “sexpot” in the 1950s.

The subject of soulmates is such a spiritual matter. On websites and in the written literature, soulmatism is treated with the same hushed, reverent tones as one’s salvation to the afterlife. Yet, one element of soulmatism, especially the soulmatism between twin flame partners such as “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I, goes largely unreported, for understandable reasons.

The carnal side of soulmatism.

This is completely understandable. I myself, find myself cringing at the attempt. How could I, an avowed twin flame soulmate of Twinklebear’s, who entered into a holy pact with her before the world existed, possibly find the appropriately restrained words, to describe Twinklebear’s so fine womanliness?

How do I do this, without sullying the purity of two pure souls, who lacked the corporeal human bodies at the time we became One Soul combined of two, since time immemorial—adequately describe Twinklebear’s sensuous charms? I guess I just have to spit it out…..

Oh my God, what a woman Twinklebear is!

She is a throwback sexpot like those famed femme fatales of the 1950s like Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors!

OMG! Those real women, could set a man’s heart racing. Am I being too honest in my assessment? I apologize for my forthrightness in presenting this view of those 1950s sexpots, and how I think that Twinlklebear fits that mold of the real woman.

TWINKLEBEAR: Fits that curvy, sexy mold of sexpots of the past.

Furthermore, how do I write about Twinklebear’s most stimulating carnal features, without embarrassing her, never mind soiling the pure image of twin flame soulmates, forever?


The answer is, I don’t know. But I will try, and if I am being a little too prurient in my endeavor, hey! It’s not my fault that Twinklebear is that hot! God, is she sexy!

Twinklebear, I apologize for telling the simple truth….

You put Diana Dors to shame!

It is true! Diana Dors and sexpots of the past like her, had the advantage of picture perfect lighting by professional photographers, and the discretion of Hollywood publicists’ media savvy, to celebrate the sensual beauty of these celluloid sexpots.

All Twinklebear has, is her God-given attributes—and that is all she needs.

Believe me.

Diana Dors couldn’t even carry my Twinklebear’s Real Woman’s Membership Card.

How do I define real women such as Twinklebear, Marilyn Monroe and Diana Dors, who qualify as genuine “classic sexpots”? Perhaps the most efficient way of doing this, is by illustrating the opposite of what a “real woman” is.

NOT A CLASSIC SEXPOT: Body types like this well known actor.

Any questions?

All of this being said, I think I should quit while I’m ahead with this memoir, before I get into real trouble! Ha!

I love you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day!
Twin flame soulmates, podmates always!
Bear Pact Always!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. You are so adorable! What a wonderful compliment , thank you so much my Sookybear. I am a little embarrassed yes, ha! I do however kind of know what you mean. A real women is such like : no fake breasts, liposuction, collagen, implants, anything that changes the complete appearance of that person. A real women, needs none of the above. I love you! Your memoir / article , is so nice to read and great to hear. All women, should be proud, to be who they are and not have to comply to magazine ” starving themselves ” tactics, to be seen as lovely! Beauty, is after all skin deep! Always and a day! Bearpact , podpact , forever. My Sookybear. Believe me, you, are totally all man too. Natural and raw! 121212

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  2. Awwww, thank you my Twinklebear. As you know, I am so overwhelmed by your sexiness. And I know I’m not being too presumptuous, in saying that it is mutual, to my everlasting thankfulness! It is SO amazing for us as twin flames, to be able to “validate” each other’s sensual worth. What’s more, it is genuinely imparted by each of us. Baby, I love you Forever and a day….12 12 12. Raw and uninhibited, Baby! Yes!


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