MY TWINKLEBEAR: I promised her an article.

I cherish every minute that I spend with my one true soulmate—my “twin flame soulmate”—“Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean. This morning, I got to spend a couple of glorious hours with her before we got on with our respective days. She in her job of caring for a disabled person, and I with my saturday of missing Twinklebear—and doing things to fill in time until we are together again. “What will you do today?” she asked, in that sexy English accent of hers.

“I’ll write you another article…”

….I replied. And so I am.



This memoir is an unabashed love letter, so those of you who are allergic to, or have an aversion to sugary mush—you’d better leave now. Or get a preemptive injection of insulin. Those who have been diagnosed with frank diabetes, shut down your devices right now!

This is what I told Twinklebear this morning…..

“God, you are so beautiful. Even if you weren’t my one true soulmate, I would still have just stared at you when we just met, you are that gorgeous. I might have even embarrassed you with my persistent staring.”

And she is that beautiful. To me, she is Ultimate Femininity. To see her, one would think she’d be a bitch on wheels, so full of herself, like most beautiful women are. But not my Twinklebear. She is as unassuming regarding her sexy looks, as the genuinely multifaceted woman that she is.

All most see when they come across Twinklebear, is The Pretty Woman. But she is so much more than that. For example, one day over a year ago, I asked her what she was reading. She replied….

“It is a scientific book on waves. Radio waves, ocean waves, etcetera. We are all so susceptible to waves of all sorts…”

Huh? a book about waves? Man, this girl has it goin’ on, ya know what I mean? How often does one encounter a stunningly beautiful girl, who reads science literature about waves? Almost never.

Twinklebear is also well-conversant about astrology. An avid star-gazer with her high powered telescope, she can talk to you authoritatively, about the 88 known constellations, and how they differ from galaxies.

Twinklebear, is a brilliant woman, far from the stereotypical “dumb blonde” of popular culture. These are unseen aspects of her, that are lost in the luminous brilliance of her attractive looks, so blinded—especially male observers—are they by her physical charisma.

She is a natural, and scintillating poet. Take a look at this recent poem of hers:


Look into the eyes what do you see?
I see love staring back at me
Looking for guidance or a fuss
Heart of pure and gentle love

A dog’s love is special in every way
Fills our hearts , with so much joy
From puppy to adult you are boss !
Part of their pack , respected, loved

A dog is beside you protective and loyal
They won’t ever leave you for another
You to them become mother or father
Cradle to grave a dog will not falter

A wagging tail , to greet your door
Bounding up like they never met you before
Full of happiness , full of hope
You’re their master, mistress, friend

A dog’s love and loyalty , until the end
Defender of your realm, playmate , companion
A trusted friend, always pleased to be there
A dog is for life ! Not just as a puppy

As often they sadly end up in a kennel
Abandoned, dumped, orphaned , stray
Dog’s do love with all their hearts
How could you dump them ?

As they give you their hearts
Don’t take on a dog if so easy you could part
Keep them for life as if your child
Their love is boundless , it truly unfolds

Feed your dog always never let starve
As hunger is a killer , would you like to starve ?
Fighting them never for fun, or money
As dog’s love you freely, don’t make them feel pain

When you have played and walked many a mile
You and your dogs , have memories so golden
Their bones are now tired you notice a struggle
Lean in and give them a cuddle hold them close

As when they are gone can’t be replaced
They look into your soul and feel your thoughts
Comfort you , help you , make you laugh
Dogs are so special all they do is love!

Yes, I am head-over-heels, crazy-in-love with Twinklebear, and this is an unabashed love letter to her. I will love her Forever and day, just as I have in previous lifetimes, and in future lifetimes, and in the afterlife—whenever that will be.

Twinklebear and I are twin flame soulmates—two souls who entered into an eternal pact, before the world existed. But that is a subject for another time. Suffice it to say that I’m crazy about her, in this life.

I love you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Super Soulmates, Podmates always!
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: AN OPEN LOVE LETTER”

  1. You really are Adorable! Capital A. This love letter is truly so lovely. Thank you so much, my Sookybear,. Not just for this brilliant article about how you see me, but thank you , for just being YOU! The amazing, talented, caring, attentive man, that you are .I love you enterally forever and a day! Bearpact, podpact, Supersoulmates forever. 121212 . Such wonderful compliments awwwwwaaaa. … You ! ” Mush! “

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwww..YOU, AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean. You are so adorable, so lovable, so very hot, too! I love you, and need you so much! Forever and a day, my Baby. 12 12 12.


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