TWINKLEBEAR: I haven’t seen or talked to her for a whole day now.


It is raw and it is so damn real you want to run away just to soak it up and take it in. The soul mate. The one you feel vibrate when they are a thousand miles away. The one you hear when they whisper about you. The one who lets you move freely but embraces your shadow from afar. The one you feel you have known for a million years.



Today marks a special occasion, but not in a good way. This day follows the first whole day—24 hours—that I haven’t seen or spoken with my twin flame soulmate, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, since December 12, 2015.

It has been awful!

I know, even without having to consult Twinkelbear, that she feels the same way. I can feel her, feeling this way. The synchronicity of feelings between we two, is one of the ways one can tell if another person is one’s true soulmate—or not. So is, the terrible missing of the other, if apart.

In our case, our inability to talk or see each other for the past day, was not voluntary. Absenting each other for the past day, was due to forces entirely beyond our control. I know that when we say we say we miss each other so terribly, that it may sound ridiculous to some.

Those to whom it sounds ridiculous, it is because they have not met their one true soulmate yet.

I must admit, it would have sounded laughable to me too, before December 12, 2015.

“Whaddya talkin’? It’s only one day! Whaddya ten years old or sumpthin’? Ya want a cup of hot chocolate and a crying towel, huh?”

That’s what I would have said before December 12, 2015. It was on that fateful day, when Twinklebear and I decided—without verbalizing it—that we could not spend even a day without at least talking to each other. We realized subconsciously, that the missing of each other, would be too painful, as ridiculous as that may sound to the uninitiated.

And since that day, we have not gone even one day without seeing and talking to each other—until now, that is. That is how connected we are as true soulmates, and how much we need each other to complete each of us. That is another way one can tell if another person is one’s one true soulmate. That other person, completes us. Not just “makes us feel” complete, but in a literal sense, completes us.

I should be seeing my sweet Twinklebear later today, circumstances willing. Until then, I feel lost, empty. I am not myself. I am not complete.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day!
Super Soulmates, Podmate always!
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: 24 HOURS”

  1. Oh my goodness my Sookybear, I totally feel the same way . I missed you like crazy! I felt almost like i was going insane! I love you forever and a day. Thank you so much for writing this lovely, amazing memoir. Always and a day ! Podmate, Supersoulmates. 121112 . So glad we are one again.

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  2. You are welcome, AC Twinlebear Lesley Maclean! Believe me, I was deep in the doldrums when I wrote this early this morning! I felt like I was going crazy, like a massive chunk of my life was mercilessly cut away, because I could not talk to and see you! Oh my God, how utterly anxiety-producing it was! I love you Forever and a day, my love—and I need you everyday! 12 12 12.


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