MY TWIN FLAME SOULMATE TWINKLBEAR: I could never again, “run” from her.


Twin flame soulmates, are unique among all soulmates, because for each of the two twin flame partners, the other twin flame is the only other matching twin flame soulmate for that twin flame. They, and only they, can complete each other.

The twin flame relationship is also unique among all soulmate relationships, because of the extremely high intensity of the love and need between the two twin flames. If the average soulmate relationship is a Model T Ford puttering along at 25 mph, then the twin flame union is a hypersonic jet, flying at Mach 6 speed.

In the parlance of the soulmate subculture, “runners” are either one or both of the twin flames, who attempt to flee the relationship. This is most common in the early stages of the twin flame relationship, because the “runner” cannot tolerate the very intense love and need he or she has developed, toward the twin flame partner, exacerbated by the breakneck speed with which these emotions, manifest themselves.

The runner is simply overwhelmed by the intensity of the relationship.

He or she has never felt these type of white-hot intense emotions of love, need, personal and sexual attachment—and complete emptiness in the absence of the partner—prior to meeting his or her twin flame partner. Virtually from the very beginning, twin flame partners cannot stop thinking of the other partner, seeming to blot out the rest of the partners’ worlds. The partners cannot stand to be apart, even for short periods of time.

One is so overwhelmed by this intensity in fact, that twin flames often believe that they are going insane. Admittedly, my twin flame partner “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I in the early stages, both felt the urge to “run”—I more than she. It has been roughly delineated in earlier memoirs, why I will never leave or abandon—“run from”—my twin flame, Twinklebear. However, I wanted to discuss this phenomenon in detail.


Nobody ever accused this faithful reporter, of being a wild-eyed romantic. Yet, Here I sit 18 months after leaving a rough-edged skepticism behind, embarked on this wonderful, fantastical rocketship called the Starship Twin Flame Relationship—with my fellow rocketship’s pilot, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean. Sorry, no co-pilots here. Twinklebear and I are equal partners in this venture. We both drive this ship.

Wild-eyed romantic? I seem to have ended up looking at the twin flame subculture, with the wildest of eyes, and with the most romantic of hearts. Can you say “soppy and sappy?” You’d think from looking at my Sookybear memoirs, that I was auditioning for Fabio’s old gig of romance novel cover boy. Minus the blonde hair of course.

Not much chance of me gettin’ that gig. To quote a Bettie Page lookalike, “He’s completely obnoxious, but an attractive sort of ape!” But, as phony eggheads like to say, I digress.

It is ironic that the mercurially blossomed and fully-formed love, need and attraction that Twinklebear and I felt for each other, that perplexed and scared us into being “runners” early on (as I pointed out, I was more so than she. I made three halfhearted, aborted attempts at running from her–she made none)—are now the catalysts that prevent us from even thinking of running from the other. Moreover, these catalysts of love, need and mutual attraction only grow with time, not diminish.

The “Am-I-Insane” dynamic in the twin flame relationship, should not be downplayed. Imagine yourself meeting a woman or man one day, and within a matter of days, you end up thinking of that person day in and day out, every minute of your waking existence. Accompanied of course, with a fevered desire for said person, personally, sexually and intellectually—that would make a nymphomaniac blush.

This magic love spell might make you feel, as if you were in need of group therapy, populated by whackos clothed in paisley-patterned strait jackets, their addled noggins adorned with tin foil hats

Twinklebear and I survived this early onslaught of the suspicion of non compos mentis of the self, to come to accept our highly unusual, and highly intense emotions towards each other—as the normal state in the Starship Twin Flame Relationship. Homeostasis had been achieved!

My rocketship’s fellow pilot and I agree on one thing: we have both “loved” others before, but never with the all-encompassing love that we feel toward each other, which is the true sign of a twin flame relationship. Every facet of our operation of the Starship Twin Relationship is unbelievably intense, involving the highest of highs. As is the “missing” when apart.

This is my life now, with the rest of my life a filling in operation, that “filling in operation” a waiting period for the highs that my twin flame partner, give me. So engrossed am I, that I can never “run” from Twinklebear, ever again.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Super Soulmates, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. I love this article my Sookybear, I love you! You make our journey come to life! As we roll through this earth deal. When it is our time to go to our pod ( you can be sure of one thing ) I am the ” Co pilot ” both sat full steam ahead.
    You bring such love, compassion, and joy to me, I could never run either. Especially when as you say to qoute ” we get closer every day !” Always spul mate, pod mates , AC forever and a day! Now fasten your seat belts , we could be in for s ” bumpy ride ” ! Hopefully npt, as the future is bright. Thanks so much for the article my Sookybear.


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  2. You’re welcome, Baby. Such loving sentiments, AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean. I love you so much, and that love and need for you increases every minute, of every day My Fellow Pilot if the Starship Twin Flame Relationship—-12 12 12 in every way


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