MY HARLEY: A steed on the steppes of Mongolia in 1200 A.D.?


I kick my bike into first gear. It feels like I’m digging my heels gently but with some urgency, into my faithful steed’s flanks. I can feel her adrenaline flowing frantically, through her iron veins. I can feel her body vibrating with excitement under me. Twist the throttle, and my bike sounds like the rhythmic snorting of an anxious and high-strung horse, getting ready to bolt ahead and throw me off her back. I dump the clutch, and it feels like I’ve given my horse the whip—hard—and she charges forward, snapping my head back, as I struggle to stay in the saddle.



MONGOL: I have vague memories of riding a four-legged vehicle.

If it is possible, then my Harley “Mabel” is a reincarnation of a Mongolian horse, from Genghis Khan’s time. For I surely have vague memories, of riding on the steppes of Mongolia. As you know from previous memoirs, my Twin Flame Baby, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I, have latent memories of a former life in Mongolia–for we are reincarnated from those earlier models of us.

And as you also know from earlier memoirs, Twinklebear had recurrent dreams several times a year since childhood, of her being abducted—taken away from me, and in these dreams—I rescued her from her captivator.

This was all documented and described in detail, in “MEMOIR: HE WAS ASIAN AND WORE ALL BLACK.” These dreams she’s had since childhood, mysteriously stopped after we met in late 2015. As you might remember, she now recognizes her rescuer in the dreams, as me. It is all quite remarkable.

Twinklebear has a well-known history of having precognitive dreams. For example, she dreamt about the 9/11 attack for some time, before that terrorist attack took place. It is truly significant, that she dreamt of us for many, many years, before we met (in this lifetime) in late 2015.

For my part, while I don’t have the precognitive abilities that Twinklebear does, I can say that I do have these vague, latent and deep-set memories of horse riding. I’ve never ridden a horse before—in this lifetime. These are not merely memories of horse riding, in general. More specifically, they are hazy visions of riding horses, in a place that looks like the plains of Mongolia.

I also still feel the foundation anger that I felt, when Twinklebear was stolen from me in ancient times–when women were treated more like property than people, and I still feel this anger underneath. Frankly, even though the details are muggy and murky, the intensity of the anger still boils, with white-hot clarity. There are visions I hold in my soul memory banks, that keeps my anger regarding the violation, freshly hot.

I have some thoughts about Twinklebear and me being a reincarnated couple. This is a subject that is so difficult to approach, no matter how cerebrally one tries to do it. It is hard, because the cornerstones of evidence, are impossible to see, due to the haze generated, by the passage of time. Twinklebear and I sit in the center of this turbid miracle, and from this vantage point, the four corners of its foundation, elude logic and visualization.

I can however, attempt to piece this together forensically, although it will be a circumstantial case. I came from an agnostic and skeptical background, so to be thrust so suddenly into such a hyper-spiritual world, is like being dunked into an ice cold pool water, after basking in 90 degree summer heat. One’s first thought is….

“No, this cannot be!”

After that first wave of denial, the cold reality of the frigid temperatures, makes itself known. It’s impossible to deny the effects of hypothermia, when your teeth are undeniably chattering, and your body is convincingly shivering. Most of the time in the early days, I was shivering from the joy of loving Twinklebear. That shivering has evolved into a shake of sheer happiness, since then.

And so it was with me. At first I was in deep denial of my falling head-over-heels in love with Twinklebear–almost from the very day. It was illogical and in many ways, crazy, but that is the nature of what occurs when one encounters either by chance or the Hand of Fate, one’s Twin Soulmate. Did I think I was going crazy? Yes, because falling so deeply, so quickly in love with her, turned my world upside down.

The parameters of a normal world order were smashed, atomized, and then reconstructed in a form I did not recognize. It was, simultaneously wonderful and frightening. It was like going to sleep all warm and cozy in one’s bed at home, and then waking up in a euphoria-inducing wonderland on Mars. One wakes up in a constantly orgasmic state, but wondering when the relief of familiar boredom would emerge to save me. But save me from what?

From the most extreme roller coaster ride of emotion, that I’ve ever known.

At first, the roller coaster led to more perplexing lows, than those effervescent highs. As time went on, there were more exuberant highs than the confusing lows. As the ratio reversed, it became apparent that there was something truly profoundly spiritual, and certainly otherworldly going on here. This realization was analogously like me being unceremoniously tossed into that ice cold pool, of undeniably real water—then finally admitting that I really was cold. It was not a dream, or an illusion.

Then the “knowing” began, the latent memories….

In time, Twinklebear and I developed a sure conviction, a mutual knowledge that came from a combination of primal instinct, and undeniable phenomenon that were too frequent to be coincidence. This knowledge, was that we had known each other before this lifetime. There is no way to couch this in empirical terms, so that people who have not experienced it—can process it adequately.

But oh Lord, for me it were those latent memories, that are just beginning to emerge into the sunlight of my conscious, that affects me the most. That is so convincing, along with the emerging memories of my Twinklebear having been ripped away from me. The raw feelings of grief and anger about that, gnaw at my subconscious, allowing more memories of that time, to rise to the top of my cognition. Or should I say, re-cognition, since it is a reliving of the past.

I have been riding Harley motorcycles for almost five decades, and the parallel with riding horses is very real. So real in fact, that I believe that there is a definitive time-continuum connection, that made me ride bikes in the first place. It was a latent memory, of riding on the steppes of Mongolia, along with my love and Twin Soulmate Twinklebear—that led me to a lifetime of riding.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!



  1. Well we certainly had a ” roller coaster ride” my Sookybear. Occasionally we get the high, low dips, now. Although actually having the inner knowing , that we share now , it makes total sense. What we have to work out now, is how to get me back ! As this is of course the plan. This article, is very reminiscent of your beloved bike, also possibly, your beloved horse! I love how you take our lives, past,. Present, future yet and make them make complete sense. Thanks so much , for such a wonderful article . I love you , always and a day. Pod mates, soul mates, Supersoulmates forever! 121212

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love you Forever and a day, my Twinklebear Lesley Maclean. Ha! And yes, that was in the past, and is the plan. Thank you for your wonderful, heartfelt comment! Twin Woulmates, Super Soulmates, Podmates Forever! Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12 🙂


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