MY TWINKLEBEAR: We have a Super Soulmate relationship, minus the commercialism.

“Hi, my Sookybear. I love you. I was thinking last night, so deeply about what you and I have together. We are so perfectly matched. You bring so much hope, joy, laughter, and most importantly, love into my life. So, thank you! I look forward to our hours together. Anything else seems so dull.”



My Super Soulmate, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I discovered that we were Soulmates in December of 2015. We met all the criteria that we later discovered at various websites later on. Moreover, we very recently discovered that we fit the parameters, of what the “soulmate community” labels, “twin flames.” There is according to the soulmate industry, a distinction to be made between “soulmates” and “twin flames.”

Simply put, you the reader for example, may have many soulmates–people you have an affinity with. Soulmates might be characterized by the generic term of “kindred spirits.” These could be a parent, a child, a sibling or a friend. The general soulmate relationship is broad in its scope of variables.

The “twin flame” phenomenon, as is so trendily named by the soulmate industry, consists of only two souls. Each of these souls only has one twin flame, and that is the fellow twin soul. So, each soul in a twin flame relationship is a “soulmate” to the other twin, but the depth of emotion and commitment, is much, much more than in the typical soulmate relationship.

Without getting into the weeds of the dogma involved, twin flames were two souls who formed a union before Earth existed as a viable, life-sustaining planet—and thereby formed “one soul.” Each of the two souls in this pact, simply isn’t complete without the other original person, uniting with him or her. One reason twin flames are so much more profound than average soulmates, is that they are wedded for eternity, and reincarnate to seek each other.

Suffice it to say, that without the two souls who are each other’s twin flames, their “one soul” is not complete, which renders life for twin flames who have not united, to be meaningless, and discontented.

Also without getting into the weeds of the parameters which relegate Twinklebear and I into the “twin flame” category of soulmates—because you can look up the list of twin flame requirements by Googling this—you can see by Twinklebear’s statement to me, how profoundly deep and intense, our union is in its love and emotion.

Frankly, we love and need each other endlessly. For twin flames like us–but we prefer the term “Super Soulmates”—the love for one another, and the incessant need for each other, is unimaginably multiplied, compared to regular soulmate relationships. It has to be felt, to be believed.

There is also the element of reincarnation in the twin flame relationship. Twin flames seek each other out in different and many lifetimes, over a span of untold years and centuries. Twinklebear and I both feel this, and recall memories of our past lives together. Because twin flames like Twinklbear and me, remember their lives together, this unbreakable connection between Super Soulmates breeds this incessant need for reunification, through the ages.

SUPER SOULMATES: We prefer this term over “twin flames.”

Twinklebear and I prefer the term “Super Soulmates” over the tired and overused “twin flames” term. Very honestly, even though Twinklebear and I have been totally immersed in our soulmate relationship for 16 months now, it was not until a couple of weeks ago, that we began researching twin flames. What we uncovered, was a world of new agey, navel gazing spiritualism, replete with lame chants from exotic languages. The scene is unfortunately, exploited by commercially driven “soulmate gurus” and “soulmate teachers.”

The “soulmate community” is so rife with crass commercialism and trendiness, that it was a complete turn-off. It is riddled with people who were searching for their fellow twin flames, and conversely, people who were convinced they had found their Super Soulmates, but who were deluding themselves, motivated by hope, and suffering from despair.

A majority of the latter group were suffering debilitating breakups, with their supposed Super Soulmates. It was obvious to Twinklebear and me, that those disaffected with their partners, did not experience true Super Soulmate relationships.

In contrast to this, Twinklebear and I came upon each other in this capacity, quite organically. Neither of us were looking for romantic involvement, nor were we even aware of the twin flame concept. But when we hit each other like comets heading toward each other at full speed, the resulting CRASH! of our lives turned upside down and sideways—precluded any possibility of parting, despite the early growing pains of our Super Soulmate awakening. It was the sure knowledge of….

“I can’t ever be without you, no matter what!”

That tells us that we have been together since the beginning of time, and will be together, forever and a day. Therein lies the difference between the extremely rare, genuine Super Soul occurrence, and false alarm relationships.

And believe me, there was plenty of pain and denial in the early stages, enough that would have caused these non-Super Soulmate couples, to part. That is why Twinklebear and I firmly believe that true Super Soulmates, are actually quite rare.

We felt it important, to form our SUPER SOULMATE Facebook group. We feel that our pragmatic approach to discussing Super Soulmates, as a very rare but real phenomenon, would stand out in the current glut of twin flame groups. Groups that exploit people’s loneliness and gullibility. I feel we would provide a modicum of reality and credibility, in an otherwise fantastic experience, to the uninitiated.

I feel that Twinklebear and I, are a rare phenomenon—true Super Soulmates. How rare? I couldn’t possibly tell you. It is my belief however, that the number of Super Soulmate occurrences, are far less than depicted in the soulmate industry. Twinklebear and I are happy to present Super Soulmate occurrences, in a realistic way. It is hard enough for the “unawakened” to believe in two souls united near the beginning of time, for all eternity, without all of the excess mysticism that surrounds these issues, as portrayed in the soulmate industry.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Super Soulmates, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. I love this version of ” soulmates ” explained more sensibly and more believably. After all , we are ” super soulmates !” That terminology suits us far more than ” twin flame! ” Not that there are not ” twin flames” out there, but we certainly are more then that .
    Your words and ability to captivate me and your readers are truly inspiring and always beautifully​ put across . I love you , forever and a day ! My Sookybear always . 121212
    Thank you , for writing this incredible excert of our journey so far !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To my Super Soulmate, MY Twinklebear–and nobody else’s–Ha! Thank you. I love you so much, Forever and a day. Thanks for the lavish praise, which I admit—I deserve! Ha! Seriously, I’m so glad that you liked this piece! 12 12 12 🙂


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