MY TWIN FLAME: She makes the hours seem like minutes.


“Time seems to speed up and hours seem like minutes. Many Soulmates cannot get enough of each other….favorite creepy Soulmate thing to do is to say (or think) the exact same thing at the same time, or have the same synchronistic event happen to us separately….”



At the writing of this installment of our Memoir series, my Twin Flame-Soulmate, Twinklebear and I have been together for 16 months. We learned early on, that we had the well-documented, time-related Soulmate attributes, of time distortion and synchronicity. We showed these phenomena immediately, as though we’d known each other all of our lives. And as it turns out, we did.

We had this incredible knowing of each other right away, with the retrospective retrieval of old memories of us, as a Twin Flame-Soulmate couple, in different eras. This showed us, that we were a reincarnated couple.

Let me be clear, though. The recall of these memories from other lives, do not play like video clips of me saying to Twinklebear, “Okay Honey, I took out the trash” while hauling dinosaur dung out of our cave. Rather, this “knowing” in these remembrances, manifests themselves as the extreme familiarity we felt, during certain acts and speech patterns.

These long-lost memories are more like a nebulous dream, than a scripted, super-sharp video reenactment. I believe that this mutual certainty of knowing, represents our Souls, instinctively recognizing each other, in other eras and in other places, and certainly, as other people—than we are in this lifetime.

There is a fine distinction between “Soulmates” and “Twin Flames.” Soulmates are of course, old Souls with which one has had previous interaction with, and have a special affinity with. However, A Twin Flame is, yes, a type of Soulmate, but who is in rather select company: Those Soulmates, who have only one, true “Twin.”

The two Twins’ Souls, form the whole of the One Soul they became, when they united eons ago. It is unknown whether everyone has a Twin somewhere, or if only certain Soulmates are privileged enough, to have a Twin.

The two “Twins” were before the world even existed, two separate Souls who formed an eternal union in their “Soul Pod.” A person can have many Soulmates, but the Twin Flame type of Soulmate, only has one Twin–which is why Twin Flames have especially tight connections with each other. Fantastically so, even in the Soulmate world. Think of it as the two Souls having made a contract to stay together—and only with each other—forever.

Twinklebear and I are Soulmates, who have only one true “Twin” or the other half, of our united One Soul. As the Twin Flame form of Soulmates, we do truly complete each other, as our collective One Soul is only whole, when we are together. This is why we hurt so much when apart. The missing of the other is truly agonizing. We’ve enjoyed (or suffered, depending on perspective) this, from the very first day.

Another proven Soulmate indicator that we had from the very beginning, was the mutually insatiable need to spend as much time together every single day, as possible. This both elated us, and perplexed us. It would not have been unusual even at the very beginning of our reincarnation reunion, to talk for five or six hours straight, while taking no notice of the time racing by.

TWINKLEBEAR: My “Chatty Cathy!”

I kid Twinklebear about being “Chatty Cathy,” but as Twinklebear admits herself, “Women just talk more–we are quite chatty,” she says in that sexy, clipped British accent. Oh man, that accent, and her voice—which I know so well from past lives–really turns me on.

I am, on the other hand, entirely different. Or at least, I was, before Twinklebear. Let’s just say that I usually have (with anyone but Twinklebear) very little patience for making idle chitchat, or shallow, socially-driven conversation. Can you say, “Stick in the mud?” But with Twinklebear, from the very first day, I could not talk to her enough!

Don’t get the wrong idea. In our conversing, Twinklebear still does most of the talking (I’m running now–ha!). But the point is, we never run out of things to talk about, and we just find each other fascinating in an uncanny way.

As we talk, the hours fly by too fast, as the days might undesirably and fleetingly pass unimpeded, for a convicted killer on Death Row. The hours seems like minutes, and by the time we realize it, four, five, six hours have gone by. This distortion of time, at least to perception–is amazing!

The other time-related Twin Flame-Soulmate characteristic that Twinklebear and I have always had, was the synchronicity of thought, usually expressed by saying the same thing at the same time.

FROM THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY: synchronicity: The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

A word of our evolution as Twin Flame-Soulmates, is in order, here. Universally for all Twin Flames, there is a period of deep denial of the strong connection, which both Soulmates subconsciously know is there. This was true of Twinklebear and me. We had to ease into admitting, our deep love for each other.

One way that newly minted Twin Flames try to minimize—because at this stage, the deep passion evident scares the hell out of them— the obvious truth of their deep love, is to vary the verbiage, according to the phase they are in. The earlier the phase, the more innocuous the terms used.

Early on, even though we had the hot fires of passion burning within us like overheated furnaces working overtime, Twinklebear and I tried to obviate the dreaded—gasp—falling in love—that was inevitably and obviously taking place between us. We did this by calling ourselves, the wimpy and limp kindred spirits. That satisfied our temporary need to feel like a platonic couple. Hey, if it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, then call it a tree, okay?

“What, us falling deeply, crazy-in-love at first sight No way, man! Hummph! Hey, fuggeddabowdit!”

By the time we each had to at least, admit to ourselves (but without actually being able to say, “I love you”), we moved on to calling ourselves “anam cara,” which is idiomatically in Gaelic, “Soulmate.” Anam cara was nice and safe! Yes! We were Gaelic kindred spirits! Yay!

Twinklebear and I then coopted the initials for anam cara—“AC”—hence, why I am “AC Sookybear” and my Baby is “AC Twinklbear”–for the convenient use in describing our synchronistic phenomena.

Anytime we said exactly the same things, at exactly the same times, we’d call these incidents “Anam Cara Coincidences,” or “ACCs. These are classic examples of the synchronicity found among Twin Flames and Soulmates. From the time we reconnected, it took a full seven months, before we were able to confidently say to each other….

“I love you.”

Now, we can’t stop saying it, 20 to 30 times (I am not exaggerating) a day, every day. A variation is, I love you so much!” I cannot tell you how happy we are, how happy each makes the other. Two halves of the same Soul, indeed! Stay tuned for further developments—all good.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Soulmates, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Hey I heard that !!! ” chatty Cathy ” indeed! Ha!! Twin souls, remember. That means we mirror, each other. So ….. you must be ” talkative Tom ! ” ha!!
    Thank you so much for writing this series of memoirs Sookybear, I love you , always and a day! I think we must be “ultimate soul mates, pod mates, twin flames. ” as we seem to grow, and grow ! Other twins, tend to run, or hide ! It Goes to show, everyone is different, every twin couple, are different!! As it would be easy to think, as it’s so rare,! That all ” twins ” share the same thoughts, and journeys, but, no !!! Again your words are so loving, and humorous , compassionate, kind, and so generously given.
    Always and a day 121212 🙂


  2. You’re welcome, Love of My Life, AC Twinklebea Lesley Maclean. I’m sorry, what else did you say—I had my hearing turned to “vibrate.” (*RUNNING NOW*). Ha! YOU! It is true, we get stronger every day and month, as Twin Flames. I love and need you more as time goes on, and that is the way it will always be. It goes that show, that among Twin Flames, human nature just takes over—and the same foibles take place, as in any ordinary non-Soulmate relationship. I also think there is ADDED stress and intensity, during the “denial” and “runner” phases for Twin Flames, compared to non-Soulmate couples. We know this ourselves, as we weathered our “storms” early on. But we persevered, because we couldn’t be without the other. I love Forever and a day, My Twin Flame-Soulmate, Podmate Baby! 12 12 12 🙂


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