MY TWIN FLAME TWINKLEBEAR: Our journey has been a dizzying ride!



“Twin flames reflect each other, either at the same time or any time, despite of living in different time zones, continents or even when not physically talking to each other. They can communicate telepathically and this is thanks to their empathy, soul/mind powers and mostly the same energy flow. They were one soul before they had to split, then they were guiding and looking for each other to finally reincarnate together and share love. Twin flames usually don’t know what a ‘twin flame’ is until they (re)connect and feel the power of pure love which they never felt before.

They kept looking for the One, the other half, complementary soul in a body, so they were only getting signs and lessons to learn, mostly through painful experiences related to love. The other meaningful trait is that they both feel they experience something highly unusual, they feel a pull which is hard to explain or resist and most importantly, a warmth in the central part of the chest, just next to the heart.

Also, they will quickly discover there’s a bond between them, which has nothing to do with just loyalty or commitment as in regular romantic relationships. The bond works like a magnet which glues the two. It is probably the only link remained from the initial, original connection when they were One soul before the split (not created on this Earth but rather re-created). The bond keeps the two together even on a great distance

They can usually feel what the other feels, that’s why twin flames should be responsible people to not hurt the other emotionally, telepathically and know how to keep own negativities at bay. They will be constantly on each other’s mind, as if one was living in the other’s world. This can be overwhelming and distracting, therefore learning the techniques of how to stay ‘grounded’ becomes useful.

Most importantly however, twin flames will respect each other from the very first moment they meet (on-line or in person). One of them may come up with sexual suggestions thanks to this very hot and open connection, but they will never force or abuse the other. In fact, most of true twin flame men are gentlemen while women are alluring though they both know how to behave themselves. There’s an unspoken mutual agreement between twin flames that they will only do things together which they accept, and yet they accept most of the things they do.

In most cases, not only you will deal with the twin flame thing but also a long distance relationship, which makes it twice more difficult. Another paradox is that twin flames may find each other living thousands of miles away and speaking different languages. Still, one of the twins will be ‘prepared’ for this to happen and drawn to such an experience from his/her early age. They may have already learnt the other’s foreign language just because they had found it useful before they even met they twin flame. Or one may relocate to the county where the other lives just for a short time, thanks to f.e. a business opportunity. In this case, the Universe creates opportunities and methods so the two could meet.”



Twinklebear and I as Twin Flames, as the article by Dan Hauk indicated, did not know what we were, prior to reading about the super-select form of Soulmates, known as Twin Flames. We knew that we were extremely unique, in the intensity of our love and need for each other. But we did not know what manner of name that we should put to us, as Soulmates. Frankly, we only began reading about Twin Flames a few days ago. But when we delved into the literature about Twin Flames, we said….

“That’s us!”

That magical, irresistible pull that we had toward each other, has been there for us, from the very first day. That has always been evident to us, and I admit that this did puzzle us from a reasoning point of view. This draw, this incredible attraction we both felt for the other—ran against the grain of all pragmatic experience we’d ever had with respect to romance.

“How could we be instantly, so in crazy in love? It’s nuts!”

That’s what each of us said to ourselves, about this dizzying, totally illogical, and wholly intoxicating development! We were the involuntary stars in a Hollywood film, yet, it was happening in real life! Were we unpaid extras on “The Truman Show?”

Yet, we must have known instinctively that we were Twin Flames, because we just knew that we were two halves of the same whole. We were the two halves of an entity we could not yet define. All we knew was, we did not feel right, unless we were together. The feeling when apart, was this terrible, intolerable missing of each other—a real heartache.

We did share One Soul, and always felt that the other “completed” us. We always felt—once we met (or rather, reunited, because we are reincarnated Twin Flames, in this lifetime)—that we each felt this emptiness that we both characterized, as feeling “incomplete.”

Every single day since we reunited, Twinklbear and I see each day, as a new beginning, full of joy and anticipated excitement and fulfillment, all rolled into one. Time compresses, and there seems to be never enough time for us, even as we might talk to each other for five hours straight. That five hours might seem as fleeting, as a half an hour.

It might sound corny, but our hearts do burst with joy and love, when we see each other again. I, have never felt anything like it. It would be accurate, to say that Twinklebear feels the same, about this unique experience. We happen to think this love we have, is extremely rare. So rare, that we now believe, that only Twin Flames are privileged, to feel it.

The proof is always in the pudding. The pudding, in the case for proving the existence of Twin Flames, is my and Twinklebear’s going through what Twin Flames reportedly go through, as described in the spiritual literature.

Twinklebear and I didn’t know what Twin Flames do experience. Yet we experienced it without any undue influence by Twin Flame literature beforehand. This is the “proof in the pudding.” There could not be any power of suggestion by Twin Flame articles on us, since we read these article after becoming established as Twin Flames

Viewed from a non-spiritual perspective, our Twin Flame love is a Magical Obsession. That is just a precise description, of how our love feels. It is just such an incredibly joyous Thing, that I am always at a loss of words, to adequately express it.

FROM THE OXFORD DICTIONARY Obsession: An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

That says it all, doesn’t it? There hasn’t been single minute of every single day since Twinklebear reunited 16 months ago, when Twinklebear didn’t seem to be on my mind. I think about her when I’m awake. I swear, that I think about her in my sleep.

I am so crazy in love with this woman!

She is my Twin Flame. She completes me. She and I, are the One Soul that we were, when we formed our union in our Soul Pod, before the world was created.

I love you, Twinklbear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Soulmates, Podmates Always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Such an Amazing article my sookybear, you really are so talented a writer. Also we did not read , it is correct , about ” soul mates ” or ” twin flames ” before we found one another. Even afterwards , it took time for us to realise ourselves. It is as you say purely magical .thanks so much for writing this article.about our journey.
    I love you always and a day! My eternal twin flame ! Soul pod mate! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww..my Love Twin. My Twin Flame. My Soul Podmate. Call us what you will, the substance of our love is interlocking, and it does indeed, complete us. No, we had no idea about these concepts—but we did proceed according to what the classic literature, said was the natural course of Twin Flames. I love you Forever, AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean. 12 1 2 12 🙂


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