BASE ANIMALITSIC EMOTIONS: What I felt when I first saw my Twin Flame Soulmate, Twinklebear


“There are many kinds of connections, but the most powerful to occur is when we find our sexual soulmate. The idea of a sexual soulmate isn’t a new one, but it is one that seems to have been downplayed because of the controversy involving the spiritual importance of achieving ascension through the process of orgasm and sexual connection.

Using sex to achieve balance—and a greater level of consciousness and spirituality—is an idea that not many believe in, but for many that is because they have not met their sexual soulmates in this lifetime….the really beautiful and electrifying thing about our sexual soulmate is that it’s often felt immediately.

It’s not just an attraction, but a coming together with ease and passion each and every time. Their core purpose is to connect with us on a deep sexual level and to help us also learn how to connect to ourselves through the powerful vessel of sexual energy….this is just the doorway they will use to enter our soul….it will also inspire us, wake us up, and elevate us energetically.

For those experiencing the sexual soulmate type of connection—is to open ourselves up to one another deeply enough, so that we may be able to experience the relationship in its entirety. The sexual soulmate’s purpose is to help us connect with our core feminine or masculine energy. That part of us that often gets overlooked in the daily monotony of responsibilities and obligations.

Yet they come in, and by doing nothing more than what comes naturally, they are able to awake those parts that were sleeping for far too long, and remind is that we are amazingly beautiful in our natural sensuality, and that we deserve somebody who can touch us in that way.”



Let me see. How can I write about this, without meandering into pornographic territory, or making this just another tawdry tale of wild, uninhibited sensuality. Of course, this may not be possible if I am to stay within the framework of honest, Soulmate disclosure. However, I will try.

Twinklebear is my one and only true Soulmate and Twin Flame, all rolled into one. People in the spiritual community, love to make distinctions between these, and I am certain that are many people, who have Soulmates who are not their Twin Flames, and vice versa. It is the lucky few who find a Soulmate, who is also his or her Twin Flame.

However, in Twinklebear’s and my case, no distinction can be made between the two. We are fortunate in that we are each other’s sole true Soulmate, and Twin Flame. Much of this pivots around that fact that we are Podmates.

Before the beginning of time, my Soul and Twinklebear’s Soul entered into the perfect union, of becoming two halves of the same Soul. As the inhabitants of this Soul Pod, we as Podmates, forged an eternal pact to be each others Twin Flame Soulmates, throughout all time. This is why we truly complete each other.

Now, isn’t this a nice, clean as a whistle, academic discussion of Soulmates, without resorting to salacious details? Uh oh…I’m afraid that is all about to change!

Twinklebear and I are highly sexually charged, with each other!

Oh my God, are we! We have been from Day One, and we always will be! Frankly, when we just look at each other, we want to rut like rabbits! And we have felt this way, so passionately since Day One. Okay, add “Sexual Soulmate” to one and only true Soulmate, Twin Flame and Podmate. Hey, what’s another assignation, as long as it’s accurate? And I mean “assignation” in its cleanest, most lofty sense!

FULL DISCLOSURE: When I first met Twinklebear in late 2015–actually, “reunited with” is more accurate, since we are reincarnated Twin Flame Soulmates, who had lived and loved each other in many past lives—I had but a single burning thought, all of a sudden, completely occupying my being….

I had to have this woman, in every sense of the word.

All of this being felt subconsciously, within the first the first few minutes. I had to have her. I had to own her. She was mine and I knew it subconsciously, from the first day, going forward. No other man could have her, she was my woman by default, because she was so in past lives, without exception. I knew this in the back of my mind, even though I could not cognitively define it, or voice it—as her new acquaintance. No matter!

Twinklebear was mine!

No ifs, and or buts, man. The most base emotions known to man, coursed through my Alpha Male Veins. I wanted to possess Twinklebear, literally, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually! I wanted to take her in a primitive manner. My Neanderthal instincts, came up in spades, when I saw this woman.

Ah well, you didn’t seriously expect this to maintain the lofty demeanor of an Oxford University PhD treatise, did you? But I am telling you how it is—and was. Twinklebear did–and does—bring out the primitive in me. I am her caveman, and she is my cavewoman. Our sensuality is our….

Primal scream.

In the throes of our deepest intimacy, we will say to each other, “I am trying to reach your Soul inside you, in this way.” And we are deadly serious, when saying this. For Twinklebear and me, our sensuality is truly an avenue to greater spiritual bonding. This extreme sensuality, and our mutually primal reactions to the other, facilitate our continual bonding as Soulmates, Twin Flames and Podmates. We reach each other’s innermost Souls, when intimate. Of this, there is no doubt.

Our sexual attraction is more than that. It is the mutual, powerful clarion call of the Twin Flame Soulmate to the other, a mating call between committed Souls. It is during these most treasured moments, that we feel the closest. It is when all becomes clear, cutting through the fog of the world. It is when we, remember what came before—for us, in past lives.

We remember our likes and dislikes. We recall our sensual patterns, to be repeated lovingly, in this lifetime. We…remember each other, through the centuries. We know each other, so well. Which is why we recognized each other—and reacted so viscerally, in late 2015.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Soulmates, Twin Flames, Podmates Always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


4 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: PRIMAL SCREAM”

  1. This is such an accurate account of how we feel ,felt, past, and present . So wonderfully written my sookybear, I love you so much, always and a day! My soul _ pod mate! Our primitive, and sub consciousness totally kick in. It’s like we are connected mentally and spiritually, such a wonderful ,amazing, feeling. Your articles, really are such a testimony, to our world and love. Thanks so much. 121212 always .,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww, thanks so much, AC Twinklebear, for your wonderful comment. I felt so strongly abut our sexual chemistry—and how this amazing passion between us, strengthens us as Twin Flame Soulmates and Podmates—that I HAD to write this article last night. You are so wonderful, and desirable, and HOT—you sexy thing. Mmmmm…I’m feeling “unnecessary” as I write this! DRAH! God, you are hot! I love you Forever and a day, my Baby! 12 12 12 Bear Pact Forever! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, you hot, sweet thing, AC Twinklebear. God! There is one thing on my mind right now—mmmmm….I love you, Forever and a day. May my gentle ministrations, help you to feel…….relaxed..12 12 12 🙂


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