WARRIOR COLORS: Black leather jacket over red hoodie, over black western shirt. The bike is red and silver.


“Your aura, it comes to me, as a samurai would, strong and powerful. Almost red, then black, yet silver too. Black with red chest armor. Yes, I see you here, especially the other night, so strong….in my room, you were slightly to the right of my bed, so strong. God! Those are your warrior colors! You know that, right? Black, silver, red! I have always been your charge, with you as my warrior-guardian. I believe somewhere along the line in past lives, we fell in love. Totally and utterly. Maybe it was so unusual, that Soulmates-Podmates fall hopelessly in love! Who knows? All I know is I do hopelessly….love you eternally.”


And I love her eternally.

What many people don’t realize about true Soulmates is, they they are highly spiritual people. Not just spiritual in the religious sense, but “spiritual” meaning they can have a real foothold, in what is known as the Spiritual Realm.

Sure, scoff if you want, but consider the fact that both my Soulmate Twinklebear’s mother and my mother, were able to see spirits. These are real phenomena, well documented in my family’s history’s annals, as well as in Twinklebear’s. My mother was able to see spirits, the Souls of people who have passed on, but who for whatever reason, never crossed over from this mortal coil—starting as child in China.

She would say to my grandma, “Mama, who are those people walking by the road?” The trouble was, my grandmother could not see these spirits, and neither could other villagers. This ability to see spirits continued unabated, here in America. Oh, what stories my siblings could tell of these encounters!

That has been described in earlier installments of these memoirs, of how my and Twinklebear’s mum could see spirits. This talent has been genetically gifted to Twinklebear, in terms of paranormal visions. Twinklebear’s description of my “aura” at the beginning of this memoir, was a vision that she has had many times of me, in previous lives as her Soulmate and protector. In these retrograde visions, I am always an Asian warrior, but Twinklebear recognizes my features.

Of particular interest in these spiritual matters, are Twinklebear’s prescient dreams and visions. Twinklebear as a child, was able to see and accurately describe her grandfather, even though she was born after he passed on. She saw her grandfather in an old family house in England, and described his appearance and attire, perfectly. Who she saw, was her grandfather’s spirit.

For a couple of years prior to the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers, Twinklbear had recurrent dreams of two large airliners, crashing into tall buildings. Twinklebear described the city where this tragedy took place in her dreams as, “Not in London…I cant tell you that much….” Mind you, she didn’t have this dream just once or twice, but repeatedly over a two year period.

When it became known that Twinklebear’s dreams foretold of 911, university psychologists wanted to study Twinklebear’s prescience abilities, but she did not want to become involved with that.

There is a great deal of important symbolism, in prescient dreams and visions. The “black, red and silver” colors described by Twinklebear, that she describes as my warrior colors, have particular relevance. In that original photo, I’m wearing a black leather jacket, over a red hoodie, over a black western shirt. Not enough for ya?

MY FIRST HARLEY: She was red and silver.

Twinklebear has actually had recurrent visions of me, as her guardian in the very distant past–“distant” as in past lives who knows how long ago—with the same type of theme. Warrior clothes, this time as “black, red and silver.” Hey, my first Harley, was red and silver. I believe symbolically, that my motorcycles were my weapon of choice, instead of swords.

The warrior analogy is not far fetched either. I’ve been a martial arts instructor, and martial arts writer for decades. There is something devilishly sinister in the way that I’ve fashioned my life, for I feel as If I was predestined by earlier versions of me, as Twinklebear’s Soulmate since time immemorial, and as her eternal Guardian.

I have followed a template preset by my predecessor selves, as Twinklbear’s Soulmate.

MY DESTINY: Born to protect my Soulmate Twinklebear.

Twinklebear and I have been Soulmates, ever since we formed a union when time was young, and Earth was conceived. The world may have not yet been born, when Twinklebear and I were two halves of one Soul, in our Soul Pod. This is why we feel as though we each complete the other. Not “complement,” but actually “complete” our collective Soul. We are truly two halves of one Soul.

TWINKLEBEAR: I’m her Warrior-Guardian.

My eternal mission as Twinklebears Soulmate and Podmate, is and has been in previous lives—to make her happy, and to protect her. It is wholly appropriate that she has visions and dreams of earlier incarnations of me—as her Protector.

Try to harm her at your own peril.

Twinklebear is right. Somewhere along the line—my guess is when our Souls formed our perfect Soulmate union in our Soul Pod thousands of years ago—we fell hopelessly, irrevocably and crazy in love with each other. Totally and utterly! She is my one and only true Soulmate.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Soulmates & Podmates Always
12 12 12 in every way



  1. I love this memoir, so very much! My sookybear, it totally captures exactly our evolution and our joining, in this reincarnation on earth . You totally do and always have protected me. This was always the path. My ( now ) real life ” guardian Angel ” !
    I love you so much . Thank you , for your constant love , concern, and protection. Our spirituality, is beginning to totally take its place now . The evolution of our ” soul — pod mate journey, is still growing , just like our love. Always and forever. 121212 . X

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  2. Oh my God, AC Twinklebear! How very touching your comment is! Yes, our evolution is taking place at light speed, alright! We truly are Podmates from before man’s (or any) time began. I will protect you always, my love, my cherished one and only true Soulmate. I AM your Warrior-Guardian, Guardian Angel. Thank you for loving me—and I missed you so much since the “last life.” I love you, Forever and a day. 12 12 12 🙂


  3. This article brought back a memory, a moment I experienced while in Alaska. My employment at the time was at “Airport Texaco” at the start of the 5 mile road into Cook Inlet on the Homer Spit. My recent purchase of a 78 FX Superglide was parked in the left hand bay. we had a single post hydraulic lift on the right hand, the owner sold and serviced tires. My deal was a 50/50 split on labor, Each tire patched was about 5 bucks in my pocket. I had saved up 2500.00 this way, about 500 tire repairs over the course of a year. My side business involved re selling Chinese AK rifles and Chinese ammo locally to our firearms lovers in town. It was on a ammo sale when I saw this bike in my customer’s basement and struck up the deal to purchase. AMF Shovelhead, point ignition, black and chrome, 16 rear,19 front HD brakes. Stock oil bag, chain primary. I had gotten the engine fired up that day after work, it was around 8 pm on an April Tuesday. I sat on her and as I looked in the LH mirror, the face staring back morphed into the visage of a Mongol, long black hair, dark eyes and a slight smile. Deja Vu experiences have occurred thru my life, this one provided motovation to wander further . Got to know every nut and bolt holding that machine together, 650 lbs of straight pipe Shovelhead music echoing on the 10 miles of gravel road to the Cabin in Anchor Point. Thanks for your musings on the Spiritual World Scott, My current mate Loveflower and I are bonded similar to nyou and your sweetheart. Ride safe in the belly of the beast. Find comfort in the arms of your lover. Life is GOOD. Mikey

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