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ENTERED INTO PACTS: We pledged allegiance in pacts, before time began, and recently.

“Soul pods and soulmates. This is the concept where a soul reincarnates with…a specific soul, time and time again. Weiss, Newton and the other regression professionals who have written volumes…clearly say it is a very common occurrence.”



There can be no proof of this, so you must take this on faith. Before time began, before the ice caps from the Ice Age on Earth had thawed, in the very prehistory of mankind itself—Twinklebear’s Soul and my Soul, entered into an eternal union, known as a “Soul Pod.” For the uninitiated, or merely skeptical, a Soul Pod consists of Souls who have entered into a pact, as Soulmates–Podmates, if you will.

Aside from the frilly and lighthearted way that couples in this Hallmark Card era call themselves “soulmates,” true Soulmates recall a time, when they forged this sacred union for all eternity, not just for the forseeable future of theirs until the mortgage is paid off—but until the proverbial end of time, and beyond.

No, true Soulmates of Podmates are wedded for life, not just this life, but every life, since true Soulmates seek each other out in reincarnated lives. This is what Twinklebear and I have done. We instinctively sought each other out, while the veils of time passed still blinded us from knowing that was what we were doing.

Us finding each other, is a miracle unto itself. It is probable that Fate—as in the case of most reincarnated Soulmates and Podmates–had a decisive role in steering each of us to the other. From previous installments of this Memoir series, you know that Twinklebear and I knew almost immediately, who we stumbled onto—each other’s True Soulmate and Podmate. Who knows how many generations, or centuries have passed, since this current reunion of ours, had taken place? This is unknowable.

TWINKLEBEAR My lovely and most beloved Soulmate and Podmate.

The original Soul Pod Pact, I made with Twinklebear stands! However, we both felt that a modern day Soul Pod Pact was in order (actually, Twinklebear thought of this, my clever clogs! Let’s give credit where it is due!). We therefore fashioned this wholly appropriate contemporary pact, we call the Bear Pact. Think of it as a “retaking of vows.”



I, Sookybear, do take thee, Twinklebear, to be my Eternally Wedded Wife, and one and only True Soulmate. I pledge to never part with you.

I, Twinklebear, do take thee, Sookybear, to be my Eternally Wedded Husband, and one and only True Soulmate. I pledge to never part with you.

I, Sookybear, with the Universe as our witness, do pledge in this solemn pact, to always love, cherish, and protect Twinklebear, who is my one and only True Soulmate.

I, Twinklebear, with the Universe as our witness, do pledge in this solemn pact, to always love, cherish, and protect Sookybear, who is my one and only True Soulmate

SOOKYBEAR SIGNATURE _________________________________________

TWINKLEBEAR SIGNATURE _______________________________________



So, now you all know, why at the end of all my writing, I say, “Bear Pact Forever!” Every Soulmate couple—or Soul Pod—must find their own way, in reuniting and learning how to cope as true Soulmates, in this modern world. It is not easy sometimes, but in our case, my true Soulmate and Podmate Twinklebear, are finding our way–Forever and a day!

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Soulmates and Podmates Always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


5 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: BEAR PACT FOREVER”

  1. What a cleverly thought out concept ” The bear pact ” is , I wonder who thought of it ? 🙂 no what a truly remarkable piece this article is sookybear. I love you always . Bear pacy, soul pod mate , forever … and a day !!! You have captured the poignant point, that is , we, found one another, also recognised one another almost instantly. Thank you for writing this , you wonderful, clever man. ” cough ” .heh. 🙂 121212.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! AC Twinklebear, YOU thought of it, you clever clogs-Silly Sausage! Awww..I love you so much, my treasured Soulmate-Podmate! Forever and a day, and beyond! Hey! I heard that *COUGH* you! Bad Girl! *SPANK*


  3. So great to read this again my sookybear, I love how we made this pledge, many moons ago, up to date now. I love you always and a day! Bearpact 🐻 podmates Twinflames forever! So great we thought of the ” Bear pact” before we even knew Twinflames, make pacts , amazing! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, we were prescient, in knowing naturally, what we were abiut as Twin Flames, without any influence by soulmate literature and websites. We entered and signed the Bear Pact, before even discovering what “Twin Flames” are. I love you, baby, forever and a day, my Eternal Wife! 12 12 12


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