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THE BEAUTEOUS TWINKLBEAR: Was she my “Podmate” in a Soul Pod? We think she was.


“Have you ever felt a connection or instant rapport with someone you have just met for the first time…like you have known them for a long time? You find yourself finishing their sentences, seemly reading their mind, mentally thinking the same thing, or ideas?…You feel your communication with them is always connected. People in our lives, or Soul Pod, appear to come into our lives at random, but the meeting are prearranged between us in the Spiritual Realm long before. Whilst we are in spirit form, we make contracts or agreements to meet…in our Earth Bound lives….you will feel drawn, or feel a resonance to that person which surpasses any emotional connection you could possibly have built up in the short time you have known them….”



“I feel like we were in a pod together, not like we were from the same parents, but as if we were two halves of the same whole, Soulmates. I envisage this pod as having been a long time ago, at our very beginning. That is why we feel like we known each other all of our lives. I know you so well. I could pick out your voice in a crowd.”



THE BEAR POD: Were Twinklebear and I originally Soulmates in this Soul Pod?

With this type of subject, I feel like I always have to preface it, as if addressing extremely large men in white coats with pitiless eyes, toting man-sized butterfly nets. It is that kind of unconventional subject, that chronically makes me cringe. My brow starts to sweat. I get a bit dizzy. My stomach clenches up. I feel like I used to in school, facing a crucial test, after neglecting to study for it. I feel as if I might as well be saying, with a slightly crazed, but mock-deadly serious tone of voice….

“Do you believe that wearing aluminum foil hats, prevents aliens from outer space, from reading our minds?”

Can you say, vasovagal reaction? Hey man, catch me when I fall, okay?

But, this is a deadly serious subject. Very few of us, are supremely privileged enough, to know for sure what will happen in the “afterlife,” or any other area of the so-called “spiritual realm.” Religion flourishes, for just this reason….

Because it is the unknown.

The spiritual realm also includes reincarnation, the role of “past lives” in our current existences, and indeed, if past lives even exist. I’ll tell ya what. If any of you mutts definitively know the answer to these clearly unanswerable questions—and that includes you extremely large men with protruding brows, toting man-sized butterfly nets—speak up now and be heard. Ah ha! I thought not!

So, before anyone here is ready to commit me to a mental institution, try to keep an open mind and listen up!

You know from previous installments of my Sookybear Memoir series, Twinklebear and I have always believed that we were true Soulmates, from practically, the first day on, when we first met. There was a “knowing” of each other, that could only have been explained by us, having been intimate in past lives. Hence, we believe that we are reincarnated lovers and spouses.

We also check off the boxes that would indicate that we are Soulmates. We know what the other is thinking, we say the same things at the same times, we know when the other is troubled or worried by instinct. We stare into each other eyes, for hours on end, being totally absorbed.

There is the mutual interminable feeling, of being crazy in love with each other, a feeling far exceeding any that we have felt with anyone else. This latter is an infatuation that does not end.

We talk for hours on end, and the hours feel like mere minutes. We feel incomplete, when apart. We have an insatiable need to be with each other. In other words, we are the Stereotypical Soulmates that are spoken about, in hushed, dulcet tones, by spiritual people. We check off every box, and meet every single True Soulmate criteria.

Given all that, why wouldn’t we believe that our Souls were together, in a Soul Pod, in a Galaxy, far, far away, somewhere early in the time-space continuum? Logic would dictate, that we’d have to believe it, considering how Twinklebear and I, are with each other. If you need clarification, see previous Sookybear Memoir installments.

I would like to point out, that when Twinklebear stated that we were Soulmates in a “pod,” that she had never heard of the term of “soul pod,” and had not read any literature citing “soul pods.” That is what I find significant about this Soul Pod business. Read into that what you will.

She does have some psychic ability, particularly the foreknowledge of events to happen, that she sees in dreams. I myself, have seen this to be true. Perhaps she even has profound hindsight, that would allow her to cull memories of “pods” in the very distant past, from her subconscious.

I do know that Twinklebear is highly spiritual, and is in close contact with the spiritual world—as her Mum was. It is a genetic gift. If you ever heard of her experiences, you would be amazed. My mother also was able to see spirits, so I am familiar with these phenomena. Here is a poem I wrote about the subject:



What should we expect beyond life?
That begs the question “What is life?”
That is the quagmire of man’s simplest question
A question that spawns many complex suggestions

A question that creates more questions than answers
Until recently I was an unabashed Beyond Denier
That is not to say that I didn’t believe in Beyond Dancers
Just saying that I was afraid to dance in that fire

The fire of that unknown intimidated me
So much so that relevant thought escaped
Germane thoughts on the lam, free
Refusing to pigeonhole my mind’s landscape

My Beyond Landscape was a barren vanishing point
Devoid of attributed contemplation and subsequent conclusion
A distant vacation land, not Disneyland, that could haunt
Any reconciliation of comfort and acceptance collusion

Do I believe in God, is there an afterlife?
I don’t know, I said, let me deal with now
That was enough for me before the “fall”
Falling crazy in love with her, my flower

My flower is my Soulmate Twinklebear
A spiritual being if there ever was one
Genetically gifted by Mum who could hear
Spirits and beings from the Beyond

Falling inexorably in love with this wonder
Reminded me that my Mom was also in touch
With spirits and beings invisible to others
It began for her a a child in China’s clutches

My Mom’s name was Jane, Chinese name forgotten
“Who are those people over there, Mama” she’d say
In Kwangtung Province of the Middle Kingdom
When my grandmother in China couldn’t see any

I believed as a child, my Mom’s stories
She was well-known to have the gift to see
Passed on people wandering in villages
That continued into adulthood captures

Loving Twinklebear has opened my recalcitrant eyes
To at least accepting the inevitability of afterlife
Whereas I was too fearful to think of those eternal days
Now I can contemplate what is my true belief

I still do not know if there is a God
Although in times of trouble, I do pray
I have one belief that has me awed
About those afterlife days

I expect to be with my Soulmate Twinklebear
For all days and nights of eternity
As for seeing others, I’m not certain
Twinklebear’s the only one I am certain I’ll see

My Twinklebear, whom I will always need
My Soulmate, my other half of our one
Reunited with her for all eternity
Foe she is the one who completes me


In the unknown spiritual realm, many questions just cannot be answered in a scientific fashion. However, among people who have been spiritually fortunate, like Soulmates such as Twinklebear and I, the answers are known by empirical means. Twinklebear and I, were definitely Soulmates—“podmates” if you will, in our “Bear Pod.”

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


4 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: SOUL POD”

  1. Thank you so much my sookybear soul mate pod mate, for putting our journey so far into words. It really has been a pleasure, and a unique experience, to know we are from the same pod. Btw ” don’t put the cat or so early next time round ” !! You !! 🙂 love you always and a day! .121212 soul mate, pod mated , for eternity !, i love your articles. Always as they are so true ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww..thank you so much, AC Twinklebear. It means so much to me when you like my writing about us, because YOU mean so very much to me. I love you Forever and a day, and—listen! The next time I take the rubbish out of the pod, DON’T LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND ME–and forget I’m in the void! Ha! Because the next time I woke up, I was in Queens, fer crissakes! 12 12 12–my Soulmate and Podmate….:-)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tell me about it for the next 100 years ,I had to put the rubbish, out myself ! Ha! Then I woke up in ” Hastings !!! ” ha!! ” England !!! ” you see you took all the clocks, in the rubb ish, as I’d thrown them all out .! As you were getting a little” OCD” about this time concept of yours… he!! ” time ! What’s that? ” for Lord’s sale !! 🙂 12 always and a day my pod pal soul mate. Love always and forever. ..

        Liked by 1 person

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