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GENGHIS: Tough guy?


This installment of my Sookybear Memoir series, is the most difficult I’ve ever written. It is probably the most difficult memoir installment I will ever write. This article might just destroy my credibility as a man, Alpha Male, biker and martial arts instructor. It will no doubt, lay waste to my reputation among my peers (whoever the hell they are). No matter. The facts, ma’am, just the facts–and the facts will prove to be almost unbelievable! If you have the stomach for seeing me blatantly commit reputational suicide, then read on. Ha!


TWINKLBEAR: My Soulmate reduces me, to a lovesick, jabbering idiot!


If I simply wanted you to have an accurate idea of how Twinklebear and I interact with each other, as two people who are totally, crazy in love with each other interact, I could just provide a transcript of one of our patented Soulmate conversations. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a specific one, as they are all basically the same.

Resembling a giant bowl of oatmeal mush, sickeningly sweetened to a level that would endanger a diabetic’s metabolism!

Our conversations are mushy beyond belief, reminiscent of how two lovesick 17 year old teens might act. But the problem is, Twinklebear and I are not teenagers.

You’ve all read in previous Memoir installments, about how Twinklebear and I have an intensity of love and desire, far beyond anything that either of us has experienced before, with other people. How we are “true Soulmates” who have known each other in previous incarnations of life, ad nauseum. I am quite confident that your eyes have glazed over long ago, and you are muttering under your impatient breath….

“Lemme the fuck outta heah, man–I’d rather have a root canal!”

Okay, so this article will be MUBAR’D—“Mushy Beyond All Recogniton.” So sue me, okay. Or else, keep reading and shut the hell up, or I’ll wipe your ass all over the floor with my oatmeal (porridge to Brits like Twinklebear) spoon! Ha!

I’ve described all of that Soulmate dogma, about how Twinklebear and I can look into each other’s eyes for extended periods, and this is true. This is supposedly a validation parameter of true Soulmateship, to those in the know.

What is difficult, is to convey the extent of the effect of continually looking into each other’s eyes. Let me say how truly difficult it is to keep looking into anyone’s eyes, without occasionally looking away, for more than a minute or so. Hey man, try it. You’ll see.

“Without being crude,” as Twinklebear likes to say, because she is an extremely polite Brit—oh hell, I’l just say it. This makes us horny as goddamn hell, causing us to simultaneously want to rip our clothes off, and take each other in primal, animalistic fashion. Foreplay? What is that? Ha! “Baby, yer mine, and I’m gonna take ya like I stole ya!”

In Twinklebear’s understated British way, my staring into her eyes, makes her feel “extremely unnecessary.” Translation? “I’m really horny, screw me.”
Doan ask, man, it must be from archaic English culture. But it is oh, so hot, coming from Twinklebear’s luscious lips. Whatever. Let’s just say that the juices are flowing and gushing in dark places, and the blood is rushing…you know where.

But all cavalierness about the subject aside, although everything I’ve said is true, there are more profound effects from, and ramifications of looking into my Soulmate’s eyes. All kidding aside, these phenomena are astonishing.

I can’t tear my eyes away from her eyes. While it is hard to keep looking into other people’s eyes, it is hard not to keep looking into Twinklebear’s. I’m drawn into her inner mind and Soul recesses, through her eyes–and she, into mine.

There is en element here of being mesmerized, or hypnotized, by this looking into each other’s eyes. I have to intentionally, and willfully try to tear my eyes away from her face. Commonly and voluminously repeated by us are….

“God, you are so beautiful!”

“You are so handsome!”

Repeated perhaps every three minutes, is “I love you so much! This is no exaggeration. While we may repeat this every three minutes, while being captivated by staring into each other’s faces, I have no doubt that we say this to each other, perhaps 30 times a day.

The compulsion to repeat this to each other this often, is incomprehensible the outside world.

And all of the baby talk! I won’t get into that, because I haven’t provided barf bags to all of you readers. Suffice it to say, that there are a plethora of “Awws,” “Poor babys,” “I need you so muches”—and a whole host of mushy, soppy and sloppy phrases—you get the idea.

Twinklebear and I often say to each other, “Nobody would believe our conversations…” Tell ya what, man—Twinklebear and I are definitely MUBAR’D—Mushy Beyond All Recognition, and we love it. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our mush.

I love you Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. So clever , and funny ! My clever, handsome, loving, sweet, kind, compassionate , loving, did I say loving? Man !! Such a great article. Now pass me the bucket !! Ha !!
    All of the above is so true. I love you always and a day my sookybear, 121212 .
    ” street cred ” what’s ” street cred ? ” ha!! Its over rated! Especially, when one feels ” unnecessary !! ” wink !! Thank you so much for this . So wonderful and brilliant! As always.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like love. good place to find refuge. Me and the Loveflower……” So sweet your teeth ache just listening” “get a room u 2 “, to which I reply, doan need a room, got a van outside. Ha .. Drink your fill of each other, life is good.

    Liked by 1 person

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