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TWINKLEBEAR, MY SOUL WIFE: It is only with her I can be totally myself.

Twinklebear is my true Soulmate, my Soul Wife, as you know from previous installments in these Sookybear memoir series. You’ve heard the glowing accolades about our deep love, unparalleled attraction to each other, and unbelievably comprehensive and total chemistry on every level—that just isn’t possible outside of a Soulmate relationship. You have gritted your teeth, reader, as Twinklebear and I have wallowed through our utterly viscous romantic mushiness.

What about the practical aspects of being crazy in love with my Soul Wife?

Let’s analyze this, and I will start by asking you a question, reader. Do you have someone with whom you tell every little thing about yourself, on a daily basis? This includes all of your fears, flaws, foibles–as well as the positive facets of yourself, that you want people to see? My answer for you?

I doubt it, man.

C’mon, be honest. You probably don’t tell even your spouse “everything.” It is human nature to be somewhat guarded, even in a normal marital relationship. This is “life” man, that we’re rappin’ about here.

I tell Twinklebear “everything” and totally share everything with her, and amazingly, she does the same with me. This took time for us to get to this state of our union, but the time required to do so, is to the casual observer—relatively short. It has been slightly over a year since Twinklebear and I have reconnected again.

The term “reconnected” is the key to understanding, our union. You see, we firmly believe—and feel so overwhelmingly—that we have known each other as Soulmates in different lives and times. We each have buried in our deepest subconscious, solid memories that we concur on, from this previous loving knowing of each other.

We have absolutely no “filters” with each other.

Everybody naturally has “filters” or “barriers” that prevent us from divulging “everything” to any other person–and this includes the people closest to ourselves. This is a normal coping mechanism, that protects our personal privacy. This coping mechanism, also secures our sense of ego and self.

However, with Twinklebear and me, our filters and barriers, have fallen away in a year’s time. We tell each other each and every aspect of ourselves, including the minutiae of daily life, when we are not together. This falling away of filters, I must tell you, was an arduous and sometimes painful journey of self-reflection, but wonderful at the same time.

LOOK BEYOND OUR ROMANTIC “MUSH”: To see the practical aspects.

This is why, to use an overly used term these days, literally why we can talk all day without tiring of it. We are so totally in tune with each other, and reap such a magical thrill and satisfaction from being with each other–that it pains us terribly when we are away from each other for short periods.

It is pure magic to spend time with Twinklebear, and if I could do it all day, I would.

These short periods of separation, cause an almost unbearable separation anxiety. a terrible missing of the other. It is only with the other, that we can be truly ourselves, to be free enough to be totally ourselves without restriction. Twinklebear is not just my Soul Wife, she is an Enabler of self, who enables me to be “myself” in a total way, not possible with other people.

You see, there is more to a Soulmate Union beyond the mushiness of gooey love, and insatiable sexual need for one’s other. There are the practical manifestations, such as just….being able to be yourself. “Being yourself” sounds simple, until you realize that is not possible in all it’s totality, in most cases. It has been such a revelation, to have the freedom to be so open with Twinklebear. Later.

I love you, Twinklbear

Forever and a day




  1. What a beautiful, well written, well said article my sookybear. I love you , more than words can say. You are my ” soul enabler ” too. Always , through eternity. Out love! Knows no bounds. You are my everything. Thank you so much. 12 12 12


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