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“VERTIGO” SCENE: Reminds me of Twinklebear and me.

I’m in a Hollywood movie.

That’s the way it feels sometimes. Check it out. I’m head over heels in love with this British Goddess, Twinklebear, and amazingly, she is just as as in love with me. Hey man, it would be a total bummer if it were one-sided, just for me! Don’t you hate when unrequited love happens? Ha!

Our level of love and need for each other is so high, that the best way I can characterize it is, it’s like those perfectly overwhelming romances you hear about, “that only happen in the movies.”

It is that magical.

I recently watched Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” starring James Stewart, who plays a retired cop who at the behest of a friend, follows the friend’s beautiful wife around, because the husband friend thinks his wife, is acting strangely. The wife is played by Kim Novak.

After a few days of shadowing Kim Novak’s character, Stewart suddenly comes to the realization, that he has fallen irrevocably, forever in love with this woman–and they kiss (pictured above). The pure emotion, portrayed so powerfully by Novak and Stewart in this cinematic scene, affected me greatly.

It affected me greatly, because the sheer power of the love the actors showed in that scene—so perfectly depicted what I have, and am experiencing with Twinklebear, to a “T.”

I could sense in James Stewart’s portrayal of the character, the “denial” he was experiencing as a coping mechanism, before the climactic moment that he realized he was hopelessly in love with the woman. This was powerful to me, because it mirrored the same denial that both Twinklebear and I felt, before we finally surrendered to the inevitable conclusion, with respect to our feelings….

We were hopelessly, deeply, head over heels in love with each other.

The term “head over heels” is overused, and really in most cases—it does not apply. One doesn’t really know what the term means, until one runs into the real thing, as Twinklebear and I have found with each other. She is my true, Eternal Wife and Soulmate.

The amazing thing is, our love for each other increases as time goes on, the more we learn about the other. We are in perfect syncopation with each other, our chemistry is that strong.

Twinklebear, I feel like I am in a Hollywood love story with you, and I cannot convey to you in words, even though I try, how very much I love you and need you.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day



2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: HOLLYWOOD MOVIE”

  1. Thank you so much, for such a brilliantly written, loving, sweet, great article .love it so much. Love you always , forever and a day! My sookybear. 121212

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