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MY SOULMATE TWINKLEBEAR: Our relationship fits all 7 Soulmate parameters.

This is a serious look at the Soulmate phenomenon, which I admit I did not believe in, before meeting my true Soulmate, Twinklebear. The concept of the Soulmate, the one person in the world who was meant for you, is shrouded in mysticism. No wonder I didn’t believe in it. The term “Soulmate” in our modern society, has been thrown around with such casual abandon in Hallmark Cards, and in common usage among lovers, that the term has dwindled to a virtually meaningless status. I assure you though, based on my and Twinklebear’s experience, that the Soulmate relationship does exist, and that it is a rare and profound entity, beyond the normal bounds of most average love relationships. I am prefacing a discussion of the Soulmate relationship, with a poem I wrote about my own Soulmate relationship with Twinklebear. I delineate the 7 signs which I believe constitute a true Soulmate relationship, in this poem which I wrote for Twinklebear. A discussion will take place after this poem.




From the very beginning of “us”
I was a dog’s exposed belly to you
Vulnerable yet comfortable with exposure
To your loving gaze and benevolent view

You were a fully open book to me
Every chapter of your life delineated
Unafraid to share secrets freely
Knowing you and your ideas stated
Would not be judged or denigrated


Attraction was in-your-face and mutual
Two electromagnets with aligned polarity
Drawn together with a force so unusual
Attraction so fiercely complete, a rarity

Sexual attraction so intensely pleasurable
No amount of will power could resist
Looking into eyes said resistance’s not possible
Feeding just on our lust, we could subsist

Emotional attraction likewise complete
One needing the other for homeostasis
Nurturing from the other’s mind so sweet
Mind, body and Soul join on a “need basis”


Our chemistry is so very strong
That when we are together
Hours of talk don’t seem long
Outside world dissipates like bad weather

All that matters is what we do and say
Other people fade off to vanishing points
Our opinions and ideas enter the fray
While unlike extraneous notions become moot


“Anam Cara Coincidence,” or for short
“ACC” we loudly and proudly exhort
It is our Soulmate olympic sport
Synchronized ideas and feelings

A psychic link supremely
Exists between our minds
Ideas instantly careening
Between minds of like kind

We don’t need words or fancy syntax
To relay what we feel, so deeply
Eye gazing for hours so intensely
Lets us know, present tense
What the other feels, so steeply


Laughter occurs spontaneously and often
Self-generated from our Soulmate womb
Minds alike finding humor so stimulating
Finding mirth from The Other’s Soul Bloom

Codes and secrets lubricate like oil
Funny in their exclusive insularity
No outside world jokes offer parity
With what we find funny, with sharp clarity


Our reaction to The Other is immediate and total
Every cell lights up with glee at The Other
Every Soul fiber twangs a violent vibrato
Interaction between Soulmates is a red hot tomato

For hours we look in each other’s eyes
“I can’t believe how beautiful you are” I say
“I am so attracted to you” you posit
Our respective worlds we say, “You rock it!”


We recognized early on and often
It would be impossible to be apart
We’d say “I can’t ever be without you!”
Knowing parting, could not even start

If sleeping nights are like slices of death
Separating, would be like funerals, indeed
The times we flirted with separation
Were like violent guttings with a heavy bleed

We cannot be apart, we would emotionally die
From separation depression and deadly anxiety
This would not be gutting of the ordinary variety
But the severest grief of losing one’s Half Soul

Unimaginable, to a degree of certainty
Which is why it will never come to pass
We both know this and more, quite fervently
We are Soulmates true, Always, my lass



It began a year ago. Fresh off of recently meeting each other, we immediately took to stating to each other, with some amusement, even greater delight, and more than a little astonishment….

“I think about you, a little too much!”

That’s cute, isn’t it? We thought so. Cute and flirty, and perhaps—harmless in an innocently metaphorical way. It turns out, that it was more than just “cute,” and more literal than a metaphor. I believe that we both intuitively knew in the back of our love-addled minds, that this was even by the standards of a newly flirtatious friendship—a vast understatement. Something deep inside of the both of us, saw subtle warning signs of things to come. Can you say, “denial?”

Red flags were raised in our subconsciousnesses, even if our conscious minds were too freshly taken with the other, to notice. Alarms went off in spades, that were blissfully ignored. We calmly went about our respective lives, thrilled that the other would claim so boldly, that he or she was thinking about the other so much. How ego-booting, was this?

Our innocent statements that we were thinking about each other a great deal, was taken as a terrific mutual compliment, with no other significant possible consequences, attached. Perhaps each was convinced that the other was exaggerating, as a friendly ploy. Remember, this was early on in our friendship.

We were wrong.

We both were literally thinking about the other all the time. During our days, we thought about the other, several times an hour while at work. When we were in the company of others, our minds were locked on each other, thinking in rapid and random succession, about what the other was doing, where the other was, and other thoughts so amorphous, that they cannot be categorized in a rational manner.

At night, while watching TV, while trying to sleep, the presence of the other lived at the forefront of our thoughts, was a given. Sleep was even lost much of the time, because our minds raced with thoughts of each other, making us too wired for a serene slipping off to sleep. You might say….

“Sounds like infatuation…not uncommon in new flirty friendships…”

That might be true, except for one inconvenient fact: This constant preoccupation with the other, continues now unabated, a year later. If anything, it has become more intense. The thinking about the other, is mixed with a needing and wanting, that is extraordinary.

This is but one sign of a true Soulmate relationship, perhaps not alluded to in my poem. Nonetheless, this phenomenon of Twinklebear and I, constantly thinking about each other, truly exceeds the bounds of an ordinary love relationship.

Not even getting into the implications of the both of us, acknowledging a previous innate knowing of each other (which is referred to in the “The Seven Signs of Soulmates”) from other ages and times, this constant and persistent preoccupation with each other, is more than anecdotal proof, of our being true Soulmates. The nature of our relationship, also fulfills the other signs outlined, in my poem.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day



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