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TWINKLEBEAR, MY “HONEYBEAR”: She is so wonderful.



ADJECTIVE: Unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic.

EXCLAMATION: “Charmed, I’m sure”—Expressing polite pleasure at an introduction.


How can I put this, so as to not seem excessively effusive? Ya know what? The hell with it. Without question, this past year has been the happiest of my life, and the reason is Twinklebear, my “Honeybear.”

For the past 36 years, you’ve all read my hard-hitting writing about the combat arts, and about the Biker Subculture. This is a different type of writing. I can’t tell you how liberating it is, to be able to express in the written word without reservation, about my Soulmate and love of my life, Twinklebear, and how wonderful it has been to love her. Moreover, to be able to express what a privilege it is, to be loved by her—gives me great pleasure, as a writer.

For better or worse, this article–and all the Sookybear articles, are an honest look at my “softer side.” Hey man, you gotta problem that that? Doanworrybowdit, okay? Ya doan like it, then stop right here and hit the back button, and go back ta Googling “topless biker babes” or whatever. Goddamn knuckle-dragging, tattooed menace, neanderthal bikers!

Twinklebear, in spite of her obvious beauty and sensuous charms, is a highly modest person, almost completely contradicting her exterior self. Her interior self is one who is not realistically conscious, of how she appears to people.

She is not aware of the fact, that most men who meet her, fall in love with her.

She is just that type of ultra-feminine, charismatic woman. You would think that a woman who looks like her, would crave and be aware of that kind of reaction from men, but you’d be dead wrong about that. There’s something in Twinklebear’s personal makeup, that prevents her from being aware of this reaction from men.

“Charmed, I’m sure.”

And so I was, and am. And will be for the rest of my life. I was charmed by her from the very first moment we met. Just FYI, Twinklebear is British, and our cultural differences (for those who don’t know, I’m American) add real spice to our mutual attraction, or at least—play a part in it, although our inner selves mesh so closely, that this “spice” I cite—would make little substantial difference.

If she were American, Twinklebear and I would be just as close, just as loving, just so complete together, because we have this incredible Soulmate chemistry in every facet of our relationship. We each are truly the two halves, that complete the whole together. This is what true Soulmates, are. Nevertheless, the fact that I’m American and Twinklebear is English, does add something a little special to our interaction.

AMERICAN-BRITISH UNION: Our cultural differences delight us.

It might interest you to know, that the first national flag of the United States of America, known as the Grand Union Flag (READ ABOUT IT HERE), was a combination of the British Union Jack and Stripes.

One example of how our cultural differences delight us, is when she says in that ultra-distinguished, clipped British accent, “Awwww…my Sooky-beah…”—-ha! I love that so much. Besides finding that so sexy, it makes me smile, and feel gooey-warm inside. Or, if she says flirtatiously with that incredible accent, “Am I now, Sooky-beah?”—it really turns me on in the places that matter. I’m speaking of….ahem….in my mind, of course (*WINK*).

God, that is so hot. Or when she says in that high toned manner, “Are you now, Sooky-beah?” Wow. talk about language being an effective aphrodisiac. That does it for me, I’m tellin’ ya. Believe it or not, when I utter “Uh huh” with my New York accent, Twinklebear “becomes unnecessary” (more on this later). This shows the power of language.


But speaking seriously, for me to hear her speak in that adorable British accent, and conversely, her hearing me speak with my New York-tinged Yank accent—makes our conversation so enjoyable. A spice of life is the slightly different from the mundane.

Much of our conversation, centers around the minute and subtle linguistic differences, between American English and American English. There are many idioms and slang expressions peculiar to each culture, that Twinklebear and I are delighted to discover of the other’s country of birth.

One example, which I believe to be very old in the British culture, is the expression, “To become unnecessary.” This means to become horny. There are innumerable such expressions, that Twinklebear and I find fascinating, from the other’s country and background

Also interesting, are the differences in cultural humor, and how different British and American sensibilities, influence how humor is perceived in each country. There is of course, a great common denominator basis of both cultures, as much of today’s American culture, is based on what was brought over from the Mayflower.

I could go on indefinitely about Twinklebear’s very feminine sensuality and sexuality. If I cited how our mutual extremely primal view of each other is the constant undercurrent that runs beneath the surface of our interaction, that would would be accurate—but it would also be misleading. There is so much more to our Soulmate relationship, beyond the obvious sensational.

There is a depth to all that churns above that sensual and primal undercurrent, that constitutes our relationship. In spite of us being members of the opposite sex, Twinklebear and I can, and do discuss anything and everything. Typically, there are gender-based natural barriers, that inhibit or prevent the discussing of certain subjects, that each would talk about only with members of the same sex. Not so with Twinklebear and me.

There are also personal individual barriers that all of us have, regardless of gender, that would inhibit and prevent each of us—from the disclosing to anyone, these highly personal thoughts. This is not true with us. Twinklebear and I, tell each other, everything about ourselves there is to tell. No feeling, fear or hidden thought is left unexplored with us. This ultimate openness we have, is so liberating and wonderful. Like stones that are left unturned in ordinary love relationships, we leave no stone unturned in our communication.

JUST LIKE IN THE PAST: I’m a primal Alpha Male with Twinklebear–get away from my woman!.

Not to brag, but I am an Alpha Male of the highest order. I’m just stating what I am, and how this impacts my relationship with Twinklebear. Woe to the man who tries to infringe on my woman. Our relationship, for all of it’s refined attributes, is extremely primal. Twinklebear is my woman. There is something to our notion, that this is an extension of who were were in a past life (or lives), and this basic relationship continues unabated. As it should be, I am very protective of my Honeybear.

Without a shred of doubt, Twinklebear is the most caring and loving woman I’ve ever known. The bounds of her compassion, are unlimited, and I love this about her. This is the “soft side” that people often do not see about her. This is so ingrained in her, that some see it as a weakness–but I see it as a great strength and indication, of how extremely feminine Twinklebear is.

She is the most feminine woman I’ve ever known. I do know that she is no “bleeding heart.” if someone crosses her, that compassion turns steel-hard and intractable, with that individual. There are no second chances with Twinklebear, once you’be proven yourself unworthy of her caring.

There is so much more I cold say, about how wonderful Twinklebear is–and how wonderful our relationship is. But that would leave nothing to expound on in future Sookybear articles, would it? Later!

I love you, Twinklbear, Forever and a day



2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: CHARMED”

  1. You are truly amazing! I love this article. Love you.! My sookybear. Always and A day! Wow! You attire with such ease and great strength of character. You are my soul mate .always. 121212 thank you .x

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