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TWINKLEBEAR: I’m crazy in love with her.

WARNING: The following article is mushy, gooey and overloaded with sugar and romantic sweetness. Do not read if you are diabetic!

This is a difficult subject to write about, because romantic love in any form, is hard to gauge, and subject to the impressions of those in love. The type of love I’m writing about I believe, is a rare type of romantic love, and that is True Love.

Another reason it’s hard to write about True Love for an audience is, most of that audience will be convinced that they are in a True Love relationship, and will therefore, dismiss the writer’s claims out of hand, as emotional rants, not to be taken seriously. Any writer who undertakes this endeavor, to communicate how he or she is in a True Love relationship, will be perceived as a dilettante reader of romance novels. This is the risk that I take.

“True Love” is claimed by practically every romantic couple on the planet, which would indicate that the lovers believe that they are experiencing True Love. I can say unequivocally, from my own experience—that the vast majority of people who profess true love, have no worldly idea of what True Love is. If they ever stumbled upon True Love in all of it’s glory, they could tell the difference between True Love, and the ordinary, average love between partners. Allow me to tell my Tale of True Love, and you may begin to distinguish the extraordinary, from the merely ordinary.

The average romantic relationship, begins with an infatuation phase, in which the lovers experience an overwhelming obsession with each other, barely able to function in life, because they think about each so much—that the obsession crowds out the rest of extraneous life, and the world. The lovers are in this phase, which is mushy, gooey-eyed and generally like schoolkids in love, able to concentrate on little else, besides the object of their affections. The intensity of this obsession, lessens as time goes on, allowing the lovers to once again, recover a modicum of grip on the real world.

This is the normal course of events, in an average, romantic relationship.

Now, let me describe my love of and for my Soulmate, Twinklbear Lesley Maclean, but I assure you that I do not exaggerate in what I’m about to tell you. I’ll swear on a stack of 1971 Harley Super Glide (first year of the Super Glide, natch!)shop manuals, that I’m telling you the absolute truth! My and Twinklebear’s obsession with each other, since day one of our relationship which began over a year ago, is the inverse of what occurs in a normal, average romantic relationship.

Our relationship, is one big infatuation phase.

Every day, Twinklebear and I grow more mushy and gooey, more moonstuck with each other, and the intensity has to be experienced to be believed. That’s the trouble with experiencing the rare and highly unusual: Words are often inadequate, to effectively convey the gravity of what is being described to the uninitiated.

Our “infatuation phase” not only never tapered or ended, it has gotten increasingly stronger with every passing day. The intensity of what we feel for each other, is so high on the scale of emotions, that’s it’s unfathomable, and amazing to the nth degree.

I never could have imagined there could be a love such as Twinklebear and I have. We are true Soulmates, with all that spiritual term implies, irrespective of the casual and careless manner in which the term is thrown around in Hallmark cards, and in pop culture. There is a deeper meaning in the spiritual sense, where the two individuals are melded together as one.

The need for each other, every single day, seems like something straight out of a corny soap opera, or cheesy romance novel. The long minutes we spend gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, and the attendant feelings of profundity that we see in each other—defies description. It has to be experienced, to be believed that such an ecstatic feeling of deep everything (sorry, that is my most descriptive word for this phenomenon) actually exists, in this world.

I look into Twinklebear’s eyes, and am drawn into her soul. As wacky as that sounds, that’s the best I can do to describe the feeling I get, which Twinklebear also feels, when she looks into my eyes. Like a mesmerized zombie, I am compelled to utter, “You are so beautiful.” Keep in mind, this happens every time I’ve looked into her face for the past year, without variation. I cannot tear my eyes off of her face. She in turn, looks into my eyes the same thing, saying “You are so handsome…”

The fact is, as Twinklebear and I see it, these compelling acts have been repeated as according to a script written by a higher power, who is directing our same-all-the-time dialogue, is amazing and boggles the mind. Twinklebear and I cannot not have these reactions, and say the same thing every single time. That, is true compulsion, driven by an inner primal being in each of us, that cannot be ignored.

The effect is a combination of living in a wild romance novel, a sappy, soppy soap opera and the most sugarcoated, heart-warming, romantic movie you’ve ever seen. The fact that I have to resort to such amorphous, and extreme examples, gives you an idea of what Twinklebear and I experience every day.

Would anyone care for an insulin injection?

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day




  1. Aww wow! This is such a marvellous , wonderful, romantic, MUSHY , fact!!! I love you AC Scott Genghis sookybear … you are amazing! A true example of how a lover , and best friend, and soul mate, should be. 12 forever and a day ! Hey .. ” where’s my insulin” ? Heh.

    Liked by 1 person

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