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TWINKLEBEAR AND ME: It’s our first anniversary today

You know from reading “Twinklebear,” that my first anniversary with Twinklebear as Soulmates, is at hand. I would like to reveal just how wonderful a woman she is. I must warn though, that there is the very real possibility that I’ll wander, unintentionally of course, into pornographic territory with respect to accurately describing my sexy Twinklebear. That is because, she is incredibly hot.

Let me preface my impressions of Twinklebear, with saying that our loving relationship is underpinned by love. This foundation of emotion, allows us to say to each other, “I love everything about you…” to each other, and mean it literally. There is nothing about Twinklebear—and conversely nothing Twinklebear doesn’t love about me, as she says—that I don’t love. Meaning I get that warm and overwhelming emotion of love about and for her, when I see her, look at her, and….well, you get the picture.

That being said, Twinklebear and I as true Soulmates, are totally compatible and comfortable with each other (as you know from “Twinklebear”). We mesh and interact, with so much joy on every level. Aside from our emotional foundation of totally loving each other and the other’s attributes, we have a total immersion with each other, on three basic levels. These are, intellectual, humorous and sex. That laundry list being said, let me give you some insight into our sensuality life.

There is no better way to illustrate this, than to cite a typical conversation that we might have, on any given day, and remember, we have talked every day for the past year, without fail—and how that conversation may have spontaneously evolved (I won’t say “devolved,” because our primal urges, I consider heavenly, of a higher order in human behavior–if they are so infused with love and primal intensity, as Twinklebear’s and mine are) in an incendiary way, into the hottest sexual urge, ever. It is like zero to sixty in 3 seconds, in automotive terms.

We could be–in one of our hours-long conversations, be be kidding around, or be engaged in a deep rap about psychology, or speaking philosophically about politics, and then one of us will lock onto the other’s eyes, and peer deeply with great concentration into them. This will cause the other, to return the same intense and loving stare. An immediate Soul to Soul connection, is made. I characterize it thus, because both of us feel this so deeply, and recognize it for what it is.

This always results in the knowing of each other, from another time and age, but sometimes also results in both suddenly becoming extremely unnecessary. We call this a total “wanting” of each other, usually expressed in appropriate proclamations of, “I want you so badly right now..” With Twinklebear and I, there is always this undercurrent of electricity, this raw and primal wanting. This is also a characteristic trait of True Soulmates.

I have never felt anything like this with any other woman, in my life.

Need I tell you, that I think that Twinklebear is the most beautiful, sexiest and responsive woman, in the world?

Our humor is unusual and exceptional, for we have formed a joking shorthand, that we recognized as having been routine for us, in other ages and places. That is why the “Yes dear,” “Let me tell you another thing” exchange I cited in “Twinklebear” is so representative, of our personal brand of Sookybear-Twinklebear humor. The sheer familiarity of this spouses-like exchange, that we both recognized from another time and place, demonstrates how deeply embedded, our humor is subconsciously. It transcends time and space.

Our emotional, psychological and yes, psychic connection, is off the charts beyond normal, perhaps paranormal. But then again, what else would you expect from a True Soulmate relationship? Twinklebear and I often joke that our psychic knowing of each others’s feelings without talking, would confound the scientific community.

It’s difficult if not impossible, to tell someone who is not involved in a Soulmate relationship, just how special my love with Twinklebear is. It is in a word, total. This past year of daily joys, love and sometimes–yes, tears—is beyond the limits of what is normal. I can’t even begin to find words adequate enough, to describe how truly wonderful Twinklebear is, and our relationship is. She is indeed, my best friend, ultra-confidante and my, as I proclaim all the time, “You sexy thing, you!”

Just as our hours-long conversations seem like mere minutes, the past year with Twinklebear seems conversely like many years long. Or I should say that it seems deceptively longer, because of our acknowledgement of having known each other from other ages and lifetimes. Of this, we are absolutely convinced. This sure knowledge, is a sign of a true Soulmate connection.

One of the keys to our love, is just how brilliant Twinklebear really is, even though her innate modesty, causes her to be loathe to self-recognize this. I liken Twinklebear’s mind to an excellent pool player’s, or chess champion’s. Those people are routinely thinking several steps ahead of the present state of play, and so Twinklebear does in conversation. She expects others to be able to keep up with her quick mind, and is surprised when they fail.

But she doesn’t get credit for this sign of intellectual brilliance. Twinklebear’s dad used to call Twinklebear’s elusive conversation style, as “Double Dutch.” This is an accurate representation, because Twinklebear is in conversation, constantly jumping ahead of the rope by inches. While I kid her about this, I truly recognize this for it is. A speeding ahead in her mind past others, she communicates with.

It has been some, wondrous, joyful, love-filled year for us. I love my Soulmate so much.

Happy First Anniversary, Twinklebear, my Honeybear. I love you Forever and a day, and we’ll have many, many anniversaries in this lifetime and future lifetimes. You are my Eternal Wife.




  1. Happy anniversary, my sookybear, wow! Love you always and a day. This article, is amazing! Thank you so much. My true soul mate.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! here’s to millions more! …… xxx 121212 .. have a wonderful day. Xxx

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