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MY LOVELY TWINKLEBEAR: We discussed why Twin Flames are eternal.



God gives two eyes to every human being. There is no change in the anatomy of one person from the other. All are same in the eyes of the God. Would you believe it if you read an article which says some human beings have only one eye?

Same holds true for genuine twin flames. All are eternal and connected forever. Why would some be eternal and others not eternal?

You need to be asking this question to yourself. And when you seek the deepest reasons the answer will reveal itself. And you will stop getting confused with such articles.

Here are some pointers. A human soul is eternal. A soul decides to experience twin flame journey for their spiritual growth and the mission on earth. It may experience several lives as twin flames. (being split in two bodies and experiencing two different lives at ones) having a specific mission which will be triggered with their encounter in a specific life.

Every soul has an energy frequency. Lets represent it with a number. Say soul A has 1112345-123 frequency. Every soul have their unique frequency. Soulmates and soul groups have “similar energy frequency”. Soul B, a soulmate of soul A may have 1112345–122 or 120 (last two or three digits different) soulmates have a resonating energy with each other. You feel a very strong bond and connection with them. They resonate with you the most.

Now if the soul A incarnates as twin flames, it splits into two at the beginning of time. Now there will be soul A1 and soul A2 and both will have 112345-123 as their energy frequency. The same frequency. That is why you feel and sense them even if they are not around.

Their two bodies are just a physical projection in the every day realm. They are one energetically. They are a same soul. And that soul is eternal. If you understand this, you will know why and how all twin flames are one and are eternal. They can not be separated on energy level.


This rational explanation for why Twin Flames are eternal, is as good as any I’ve seen. It makes sense to me, it adds up logically. So often, one reads Twin Flame theories that are so infused with new agey hocus pocus, that they make one’s eyes glaze over.

But this explanation makes sense. When the author of that mentioned a Twin Flame couple’s “mission on Earth,” I thought of my Twin, “Twinklebear” and me. In our case, it is clear that we have experienced at least three past lives together, spread over seven or more centuries, dating back to 13th century Mongolia.

We mutually base this personal knowledge based on recurrent visions and dreams, and latent memories of these past lives. In Twinklebear’s case, she had the same recurrent dream of me in a past life since her teenage years. The dream was always the same, also included my mother, and abruptly stopped in 2015 when we met.

In our recurrent dreams, visions and latent memories of our past lives, the common denominators were our devotion and love for the other, and my role as Twinklebear’s protector and savior under dire circumstances, where her health and life were in danger.

My mission as her Twin Flame, was and is to keep her safe.

With regard to why Twin Flames are eternal—Twinklebear and I had this discussion today:


ME: “Why do you think Twin Flames are eternal?”

TWINKLEBEAR: “It is because love is eternal.”

ME: “That is true about our love, but love is not always eternal. Just look at my ex-wife and I.”

TWINKLEBEAR: “That is true. But look at the love I have for my Mum. That will be eternal.”

ME: “I do know that about you and your Mum. You and Mum are profound soul mates, and there is a genetic connection that facilitates such love.”


I had to agree with Twinklebear about her everlasting and deep love for her mother, and vice versa. I do think that the difference here is, that mothers and daughters do not share the same “soul DNA” that Twin Flames undoubtedly do—as Twin Flames do because they come from the same soul material of a single soul. What mother and daughters share, I pointed out, is physical DNA which may engender a strong fostering of love. But—not all mothers and daughters love the other so endlessly.

In the case of Twin Flames, it is the fact they are Twins and therefore they are eternal, that makes their love eternal—not the other way around. A couple with supposed “eternal love” does not make them Twin Flames. Only coming from the same soul at the beginning of time, makes them Twin Flames.

I love these intellectual discussions with Twinklebear! She is so brilliant, truly! And we are so compatible as Twin Flames, having the same common “frequency,” that our discussions are so stimulating and interesting!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


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TWINKLEBEAR: I love my brat.

There is only one person in this world of 8 billion human beings, who can understand my brattiness, and that is my Twin Flame “Twinklebear.” She is in fact, the only person who can satisfy my bratty tantrums with a willing enough ear and sympathetic mind, to alleviate these tantrums. She banishes these bratty tantrums with a few well chosen words of patience, love and understanding. It is important for you to know that I am the only one who can do this for her, too.

It is safe to say that Twinklebear will be the only one reading this memoir, who can relate to what I am saying, for we each are the only ones who can fulfill this function for each other. And that is the function of being the other’s mirror image sympathetic ear and effective brattiness foil.

Twinklebear and I cannot imagine any circumstance, where either of us would be comfortable enough to be able to approach other people with this exclamation of need and sadness, before we air what is bothering us…..


That is quite a preface, isn’t it? There could be no such circumstance, where this could happen with other people. It’s an impossibility. It is also safe to say that anyone else besides Twinklebear, when faced with this outrageously raw and honest display of emotion, would consider me clinically insane or worse. While I have a 100% comfort level with talking to Twinklebear in this way, the comfort level would slip to zero percent with other people. Is there such a thing as minus percentage? Ha!

The reasons why we are able to behave this way with each other, can be summarized with this glib answer—“Because we are Twin Flames.” I know this is not terribly enlightening to those outside of my and Twinklebear’s “Bratty-Sphere,” so allow me to elaborate so that you may understand what I’m talking about.

Think of Twin Flames as fully formed onions, when Twins (two people who were split apart from the same single soul by God at the beginning of time, destined to be each other perfect mates) meet each other after being reincarnated into the same lifetime. Now think of the onions’ outer layers of skin to be emotional armor, accrued over years of living. These natural suits of armor protect us from harm, emotionally and psychologically.

As the process of the Twin Flame journey commences, the two Twins come to the gradual realization, of who they really are to each other. This revelation is jarring and emotionally draining and sustaining at the same time. In our case, the process, at least on a cerebral level, was delayed because we did not know what “Twin Flames” were. But we knew there was “something special” and supremely unique about our compatibility.

As our awareness of our specialness to each other grew, the hardness of the natural barriers we had enveloped ourselves in, began to soften and fall away. They softened and peeled off like the outer layers of onion, and this eventually revealed our inner cores to each other.

That is how much we trust each other, as the process unfolded—that we can express brattiness at such an primal level to the other so unhesitatingly. In the end, we lay totally open and voluntarily vulnerable to each other, trusting each other with our very souls.

I am so confident of the uniqueness of this openness between Twinklebear and I, that I’m sure the phrase “…we can express brattiness at such an primal level” makes no real sense to any but my Twinklebear and me. It is one of those things revealed to outsiders, that makes the outsiders scratch their heads.

We cannot be this way with anyone else in the world!

We have created our own Bratty-Sphere Language, that assuages the unrest in each other’s soul, and quiets the nerves of the Twin. What brattiness is in its essence, is the cry of the soul for love and reassurance. The soul cries out in this manner when external and internal forces cause unrest. The Twin who hears his or her Twin’s cries, becomes the savior of the moment, by restoring homeostasis in the “brat’s” emotional ecosystem.

“Awwwww….my poor baby….”
“There, there…I love you..”

And so on and so forth. These innocuous phrases are powerful enough to calm the Savage Beast of Brattiness in my Twinklebear and me. I am sure even this revelation of our inner workings sounds ludicrous and laughable to others, demonstrating how truly insular and unique our Bratty-Sphere is. It is a world unto itself, inhabited by a population of two.

Being able to communicate to Twinklebear in this way, has shown me what real life and loving are. She makes my life smile. Forever and a day, baby!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


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A Twin Flame Dilemma.

The Twin Flame World is full of dilemmas. It is easy to understand why, as the sudden and unanticipated meeting of Twin Flames (or “Twin Souls,” two people who were split from one single soul at the beginning of time) pits one world against another.

The first world is the World of the Present, our everyday world in which ordinary people live their lives. In short, the world of non-Twin Flames. The second world, the World of the Past, Present and Future, is the world inhabited by Twin Flame lovers.

These Twin Flame lovers were chosen by a Higher Power at the beginning of time, to be each other’s sole perfect mate–because they were born of a single soul. The ever present mission of Twin Flame lovers is to defy the odds through reincarnation, to “find” each other. This can only occur if both Twins are reincarnated into the same periods of time together. They can easily “miss” the other by years, decades, centuries and millennia—as if each had a haphazardly calibrated time machine.

Unfortunately for Twins, being reincarnated into the same lifetime does not guarantee unlimited happiness, as the mixing of The World of the Present and the World of the Past, Present and Future, is like mixing water and oil. Think of the inherent challenges.

The dilemma lies in the very different nature of the two worlds, which are more often than not, at cross purposes. The World of the Present is firmly rooted in the practical, the “here and now.” It is the “here and now” which is dictated by secular events and people, the ordinary events and people which populate all of our lives.

The World of the Past, Present and Future is informed by “the ideal,” a world in which Twin Flame lovers should and would have been united through all time, from the beginning of time. When these worlds collide, the world of the “practical” and the world of the “ideal”—this is when most Twin Flame dilemmas occur.

Think about it. Twins that find each other in the same lifetimes, could face obstacles such as living halfway around the world from each other. They may be 70 years apart in age. They may not speak the language of their Twin. One or both may be married to other people.

There may be resistance from Twin’s relatives and friends to the union, which may be intractably conditioned in one or both Twins, preventing a comfortable union. Social conventions imposed by one’s relatives and friends from a lifetime of conditioning, can be a powerful impediment.

It is difficult and sometimes impossible for people in Twin’s lives, to grasp and believe in the Twin Flame reality. The reality of the Twin Flame journey is ultra-real and of supreme importance to Twins, but their relatives and friends (as well as darker forces set on disrupting the Twins) may label it as foolish fantasy, and try to influence and discourage the Twins’ efforts to reunite.

My beautiful Twinklebear.

My Twin Flame love, Twinklebear and I face such dilemmas. I won’t divulge the specifics to protect our privacy, but these dilemmas are very real to us.
Nevertheless, our Twin Flame history and bond is so unbreakably strong, that we will never part.

However, since my Twin and I still live in the World of the Present, we both get frustrated that our union is neither ideal or complete, we occasionally vent our frustrations. Twinklebear and I jokingly call these venting sessions as the “Battle of the Brats.” Ha!

Inevitably though, these necessary occasional bouts of frustration venting, are healthy for us as they teach us at the end of our respective bratty whinging and whining, that we can never part. This venting is a healthy release of negative steam. If you’ve been following our Twin Flame journey through these memoirs, you know that both Twinklebear and I know the gutting nature of even thinking of parting. It is painful beyond belief, and an impossibility!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


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To “yearn.”

Such a benign word. Almost a pretty word, that lends itself to so many circumstances, that it is like a chameleon tool. Within the verb “yearn” is hidden the power of diverse applicability. It can amount to a lovely tease, or a sledgehammer that bludgeons mercilessly.

I yearn for an ice cream cone.
I yearn for a day off from work.
I yearn for an ice cold beer.

All very mundane yearnings, I think you would agree. The magic of the word “yearn” is that it can apply to the ordinary, but can also apply to the extraordinary. One of the most extraordinary of human desires is the profound yearning for one’s Twin Flame.



to desire something strongly


That is very straightforward. To desire something strongly. But how strongly? The prosaic sound of the word, belies the gut-wrenching yearning for one’s Twin Flame (or Twin Soul). From personal experience, I can tell you that this phenomenon started for my Twin Flame and I three years ago. I distinctly recall one conversation my Twin Flame Twinklebear and I had three years ago, when Twinklebear said to me….


“I thought about you all day. No matter what I was doing or who I was with, all I could think about was you.”

That hit me like a ton of bricks, because I admitted to her that it was exactly the way I thought about her: all day long, from morning till night. She was my very first thought upon awakening, and my very last thought at night. It was uncanny how identical our thought process was about each other. Her admission plucked at my heart strings, I was so happy to hear her say it.

This incredible woman, she actually said that to me!

The level of predetermined design of the way we suddenly felt, implied a higher omnipotent power having a hand in it. It was too neat, too intense and too mutually persistent to be mere infatuation. That is when we suspected, and now know that something permanent was insinuating itself into our lives. Our yearning for each other has not abated, and it does now seem “normal” for this mutual yearning to exist, forevermore.

Needing her and wanting her, is a way of life.

It is a way of life for Twin Flames. I wouldn’t trade the way we need each other for anything in the world. This yearning has a life of its own, like a well nourished and beautiful predatory tiger, which thrives on our love and need for each other. It is healthy, bursting with vigor and voracious to be sated. It roars with pleasure when Twinklebear and I see each other!

We are lucky to have learned what true love is, a rare commodity known to few.

We have discussed this many times since, and come to the conclusion that much of our lives when we don’t see or talk to each other, is a holding pattern of “real life stuff.” This “real life stuff” acts to distract from our missing of the other, and a way to kill time until we can see and speak with each other.

Ironically what dulls the razor sharp edge of the yearning, is the knowledge we enjoy (with no little degree of comfort) that this yearning will not be gone tomorrow, next year, ten years from now or ever. This sounds like a contradiction, but it true. I am comforted to know that the intense love and yearning will never dissipate. This is why Twinklebear and I love the phrase….

I love you, forever and a day.

For us “forever and a day” is a wish, wish fulfillment and reality, all at the same time. It is our anthem and eternal pledge of allegiance, spoken with the reverence for the deep spiritual bonds underlying the yearning like the thick steel cables that support suspension bridges. These bonds span oceans of time, with no limit in sight. I will love my Twinklebear, forever and a day.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day!
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


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INDEFINABLE: Twinklebear and I are more than Twin Flames.

Words matter!

Words matter because they are the vehicle with which we try to convey our simplest feelings and circumstances, to the most complex manifestations of human, superhuman and beyond-human (which we can characterize as “spiritual”) existence—to ourselves and others.

Since the beginning of time, couples who have found themselves to be bound to each other with tethers of mind, emotion and soul have endeavored through “words” to define exactly what they were.

Welcome to the world of the indefinable!

In writing this article, it is even difficult for me to use an applicable term for these early “beyond-human couples,” so I shall call them “separated halves of one soul.” These early separated halves of one soul are described by this terminology accurately, but clumsily—too clumsily for the graceful conveyance of all that this means and portends for these “early adopters” of their fate—to the Outside World of the “unaware” (non-separated halves of one soul).

The human mind demands an attractive turn of phrase to describe anything profound. It is human nature to follow Occam’s Razor—to boil down the complex to its essence so that it is easier to grasp. This certainly applies to matters of separated halves of one souls.

So, what these early adopters of twin flame language did, was to come up with conceptual words to attempt to define what they were not only the the general public, but also to themselves.

The first term they came up with, was “soul mates.” This was fine, except that it soon became obvious that this term applied to more than one partner in life, partners whose importance to the person did not extend to the much higher level that “separated halves of one soul” experience.

“Okay….” the early adopters of language reasoned, “….then we’ll just use ‘soul mates’ as a designation for kindred spirits in life”—a designation falling far short of the terminology needed for the rarefied stratosphere of separated halves of one soul couples.

That is when early “separated halves of one soul” came up with the all too casual “twin flames” or “twin souls.” Please take note of the fact that when separated halves of one soul were discussed in the bible as consisting of 77,000 couples, neither “twin flames” or “twin souls” were found.

As a result, the terms “twin flames” and “twin souls” are devoid of the gravitas that the concept of the love, need and commitment of separated halves of one soul, requires. The phenomenon is eternally real, but the terminology is one dimensional and flimsy.

That is my problem when writing this article. Can I find a better term than “twin flames” or “twin souls?” I don’t know. I can only tell you that Twinklebear and I find these terms woefully inadequate. We may not be able to find better terms, perhaps meaning that we will continue to use “twin flames” for lack of a better term. I normally capitalize the first letters of “Twin Flames” to accentuate their profundity. What we can do is to try to describe all that we are, and were, an eternal phenomenon that defies description.

We are “forever.”

Not in the Hallmark Card wishful thinking sense, but in the literal sense. Twinklebear and I are forever. We were always together since the beginning of time, true separated halves of one soul, who have yearned through centuries and millennia, in the present and the future—to be united. Twinklebear and I are as old as time itself.

We have been the only ones for each other before, now and in the future. We transcend time. We transcend spatial divide. We transcend missed opportunities in many life times when we did not live when the other lived. We transcend life itself.

Whether we are “more” than others who claim to be separated halves of one soul is a question that is unanswerable, and I am sure entirely too presumptuous on our part. But we do know, that we are “more” than the trendy terms “twin flames and “twin souls” imply.

You might have noticed that we’ve failed to come up with a better term for true separated halves of one soul. That is because we are profound to the point, that we are indefinable in human terms.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


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My son Mike, had a very profound comment when he found out about the deep and incomparable love between my Twin Flame, Twinklebear and I. He said…..

“We don’t choose who we fall in love with.”

I found Mike’s insight touching. And I found it so on the mark, as the love between my Twin Flame and me is so strong, so deep, so wide and ceaselessly enduring–it is a true Forever Love. It’s a good thing we are so durable, as it seems that the Universe has a perverse sense of humor when it comes to testing us as Twin Flames.

The “Universe” is of course, an easy party to name as responsible for the Spiritual Path that Twinklebear and I have trodden, since we met. The truth is, I don’t know what specific entity has predetermined our fate.

Now, “Fate” is a good word, that connotes intention and thought. That might imply “God.” I just don’t know, so I say “Universe.” It’s an easy cop out for a label for a supremely complex and highly spiritually planed-entity. Deeper thinkers than I have sought to answer this question adequately.

I ain’t no pithy philosophizer, man! Just a Twin Flame crazy-in-love with my Twin! Forever and a day! No more, no less!

Whatever this entity is—and I might as well call it the Universe—the Universe sometimes feels to me like a porcupine with protruding, sharp needles. The mind of the Porcupine Universe arranged through great intelligence and higher plane motivations, to have split the Single Soul into two, that became Twinklebear and I. For that is what Twin Flames (or Twin Souls) are—two people from the same soul.

But the Porcupine Universe has the ways and means to test our love, using its razor like quills. The Porcupine Universe likes to see if the Twin Souls It created, are worthy of the great love that Twinklebear and I rejoice in.

The Porcupine Universe has seen to it, that this is not our first rodeo. Twinklebear and I have had past lives together, and are reincarnated fortunately, into this lifetime so we could find each other, once again. But what’s the catch, as there is always a catch?

The catch is the Porcupine Universe, after showing ultimate grace and compassion in letting Twinklebear and I to love each other so endlessly and deeply as we do, this naughty entity known as the Porcupine Universe likes to poke us once in a while, testing our love and resolve. Every stick from one the Porcupine Universe’s quills, is a separate test to gauge our true mettle as Twin Flames.

Now, the Porcupine Universe could have made it easy for Twinklebear and I. The Porcupine Universe could have kindly arranged for us to have been born in the same year, in the same town and country (Twinklebear is a gorgeous Brit and I am a loudmouth New York Yank). It could have been so much easier! Wait! There’s more!

Furthermore, to make it easier, the Porcupine Universe could have arranged for us to have been childhood sweethearts. Hey man, that would have been cool! Then after a veritable full young lifetime of being together for 20 years since birth, we could have married. Nice and neat, hey? There’s only one thing wrong with this cozy and neat scenario.

We would not be Twin Flames!

No, we would be the run of the mill married couple, with plenty of guarded emotions and thoughts, defensive filters typical of non-Twin Flame couples, and none of the enduring love and need characteristic of Twin Souls. A comfy life perhaps, but devoid of he passion of Twin Flames. Also devoid of the way that Twin Flames mesh so seamlessly.

It is only Twin Flames that get to enjoy that perfect compatibility that sets them apart from run of the mill couples. Twinklebear and i have discovered, that only we can be totally “ourselves” with the other. Others need not apply.

Twinklebear and I are used to feeling the jabs of the almighty Porcupine Universe’s sharp quills. But I have a message for our beloved Porcupine Universe:

Don’t poke THE BEARS!

Because we have sharp teeth and claws! Ha! And our love is too strong! The Bear Pact lives! And it can withstand any of your quill pokes!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


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Like all beautiful women, Twinklebear had many male admirers.


The earliest days of a Twin Flame Journey are so dizzying, so wholly disorienting because Twin Flames inevitably fall irrevocably, crazy-in-love immediately—even though they may not realize it. Most, because of the high intensity of the sudden loving emotions realized, will act out from denial and fear. They have never experienced anything like it.

Some in classic examples of projection, will subconsciously blame their newly minted Twin Flame Loves for the uncomfortable life altering circumstances of unfettered Twin Flame Love in all of its Hollywood like glory multiplied by a thousand.

This Twin Flame Love is so all-encompassing that it is suffocating to some. Some lash out at their partners from fear and frustration. However, hidden in this lashing out at their Twins, are deep rooted primal urges baked into the DNA of females and males, that remain beneath the surface—since Neanderthal times.


PRIMAL FEMALE INSTINCTS: Deep down Twinklebear wanted me to fight for her!

Recently, Twinklebear said to me regarding why she acted out in anger at me, in the earliest days of our Twin Flame Journey. She said, “I wanted to get back at you.” This was because of personal entanglements of mine that made our budding relationship more difficult. “It was so unfair!” she continued, “The way you wanted me for yourself, considering!”

My actions which she considered “unfair” were my newly woken Alpha Male instincts to fight, claw, scratch, punch, kick, outmaneuver—in short—any way available to eliminate other males from the primal contest. It has been thus for male and females since the dawn of man. It’s called “biology!”

It really is a matter of biology, the way I acted in our early days. The way that Twinklebear acted also, is also a matter of biology. Like all truly beautiful and desirable women, Twinklebear had an overabundance of male admirers. In other words, my “competition.” The way she tried to “get back at me” was to utilize the oldest tenet in the Female’s Handbook:

“Make the man jealous, see where it leads.”

What Twinklebear wasn’t cognizant of, was that she was following the Female Rule of Survival rooted in her female DNA that reads, “Make the man jealous so he has to fight for you and prove that he is strong enough to protect and feed you.”

In Neanderthal times, this was necessary for survival, and the propagation of the homo sapiens species. A given caveman must be the “strongest” as proven in combat for the woman’s heart, to prove the victorious caveman as qualified to be the female’s best protector and provider.

DNA is a stubborn thing, for males or females. Baked into our DNA from prehistoric times at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 1.8 million years, Twinklbear’s “role” was to “test” me to determine if I would “fight for her”–and to see if I would “win.” Winning would prove, in the earliest mankind terms—if I am “worthy” of Twinklebear. My role was to fight and conquer.

MARCH 6, 2016

It was Mothers Day in Britain, Twinklebear’s home country. Twinklebear had returned home from a Mothers Day celebration. It was during a late night communication with me after the party, when perhaps her tongue was Prosecco lubricated, her filters almost entirely eliminated, and her frustration with the way the unfairness in our interpersonal arrangements seemed intolerable—when she employed the tried and true, “Make him jealous to prove him worthy” Principle of Female Survival.” The result?

I got angry. Really angry. It was on that night that I vowed to cut ties with my beloved Twin Flame, and end the madness! It was driving me crazy! I sent Twinklebear a text, saying it was over! In Twin Flames parlance, I became a “runner.” I went to bed feeling relieved, and resolute about keeping to my decision to leave.

Am I a masochist, so easily revisiting this extremely painful time? I am not. I do so with some fondness ironically, because it not only emphasizes the happy ending, but also contrasts with how that time compares with now, when Twinklebear and I enjoy the highest level of comfort. Man, wotta difference!

THE WORST: The thought of the anguish I caused Twinklebear, broke my heart!

By the next morning, I was feeling gutted. My heart was breaking! The middle of my torso felt like it had been scooped out, and that a part of me was missing! How could I live without my Twinklebear?

Also, the very thought of the extreme pain and anguish I caused Twinklebear by declaring that I was leaving, broke my heart! Oh my God! How could I have done that to her?

In the early morning, not even twelve hours from the time I decided to leave, I went to Twinklebear and begged forgiveness. That was the third time—and absolute last time—I tried to “run.”

March 6th just passed, which was 3 years to the day that I tried to “run.” I consider Mothers Day in the UK in 2016, to be a valuable lesson. It was on that fateful night, when I learned the eternal truth:

Twinklebear and I would be together forever, perhaps forever and a day!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day!
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way.